De­spite the ads, noth­ing is free

The Modesto Bee (Sunday) - - Opinion - de­serve. – Ed Brault, Tur­lock

The peo­ple who put com­mer­cials on TV have you all fig­ured out. I wasn’t stupid when I was 40 and I am not stupid at age 90. The ads say­ing “chil­dren free” or “two for the price of one” do not want you to know you ac­tu­ally paid for the free­bie in your orig­i­nal pur­chase.

Com­pa­nies are in busi­ness to make money; they’re not in­clined to give any­one free things. Ad peo­ple know Amer­i­cans are adult chil­dren who re­spond to child­ish ads. Some ads are even an­i­mated.

They also have an an­noy­ing habit of telling me what I They don’t even know me. I could be a se­rial killer who de­serves ex­e­cu­tion. Most ads end with the words, “Call now.” They know if you don’t call now you prob­a­bly never will. If the ad says the usual price is $298.99 but they will let you have it for $29.99, and you be­lieve it, you might need ther­apy.

Fi­nally when the ad ne­glects to men­tion the price, it’s be­cause they want you to call for a lec­ture on how great the item is so you will pay a fat price that might have scared you off with­out the lec­ture.

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