Some walls made to keep you in

The Modesto Bee (Sunday) - - Opinion - – Gary R. Ki­nard, Gus­tine

Pres­i­dent Trump keeps telling me I am in fa­vor of that wall he wants to build on the south­ern bor­der. But the pres­i­dent is way off base.

I would sup­port a va­ri­ety of ideas for bor­der se­cu­rity — more agents, elec­tronic sur­veil­lance, etc. — but not a wall that com­pletely blocks our south­ern bor­der. I re­mem­ber the Ber­lin Wall. It was built to keep East Ger­many sep­a­rated from West Ger­many. It was a bar­rier to keep peo­ple in, not to keep peo­ple out.

Please imag­ine the pres­i­dent builds this “big, beau­ti­ful wall” on our south­ern bor­der. Now, imag­ine an in­va­sion of our west coast? That big beau­ti­ful wall is a now bar­rier that keeps you in — not those un­de­sir­ables out. If you didn’t al­ready hear. Pres­i­dent Xi of China told his mil­i­tary to “Pre­pare for war.”

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