The Morning Call (Sunday)

GOP senators threaten the American experiment


More than President Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election, the refusal of most GOP senators to acknowledg­e Joe Biden’s victory represents a serious violation of norms, and threatens the American experiment.

It is beyond shameful that GOPsenator­s continue to ignore their oath of office to defend and protect faith in our elections. All this waffling about legal votes and baseless claims of fraudulent ballots underlines the feckless nature of our GOPlegisla­tors.

Moreover, if the implied violations, in fact, occurred, then the election of Senate candidates must also be questionab­le. Further, internatio­nal election observers, as well as our own local observers, have seen/reported no voting irregulari­ties.

It is time for our representa­tives to represent us, or to resign so that wet he people will be represente­d instead of ruled.

Thomas Schreiber Lower Saucon Township

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