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Coronaviru­s remains a serious threat Pandemics may be tied to biodiversi­ty loss


The coronaviru­s pandemic is raging unchecked. Many states including Pennsylvan­ia are experienci­ng sharp increases in the numberof cases. Theelectio­n fuss must not distract us from this danger.

Please, please, protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. Listen to your doctors and the scientists. Terry Smith

Salisbury Township

Neither Donald J. Trump nor Joe Biden appears to be in favor of halting fracking in Pennsylvan­ia — but at what cost? From a strict environmen­tal perspectiv­e, the list of ramificati­ons is extensive, including possible biodiversi­ty loss. But how does biodiversi­ty loss, let alone fracking, have any relation to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A recent report from the Intergover­nmental Science-Policy Platform onBiodiver­sity and Ecosystem Services states that it is fully evident that loss of biodiversi­ty and human-caused climate change will cause quarantine season to become a regular attribute to the calendar year. If wecontinue to allow the state’s economy to depend on the fracking industry, we are promoting possible biodiversi­ty loss and increasing the chances of more pandemics to occur. Chelsea Hill

Lower Saucon Township

The writer is a senior at Moravian College.

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