The Morning Call (Sunday)

I was inspired seeing poll workers in action


OnElection Day I had the opportunit­y to serve as a roving poll watcher for the Democratic Party. My job was simply to collect data — how many people had voted by the time I arrived. Not Democrats or Republican­s, just votes recorded.

I visited polling places that represente­d morethan 30 precincts in Lehigh County. I witnessed firsthand howjudges of election and poll workers in each site were working hard to see to it that each voter was treated with respect and that the process was fair.

As I listen to the Republican leaders who are insinuatin­g the possibilit­y of fraud or illegality, I would ask them to consider this. You are calling into question the integrity of Americans who give their time to man the polls from 6 a.m. to late into the evening on Election Day. Really?

They are true patriots.

Patty Carlis

South Whitehall Township

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