The Morning Call (Sunday)




Atanos Fund LLC from Harding, Jennifer and Rausch, Ronald R. Sr., 1514 Weaversvil­le Rd., $92,000, (1/21).

Jaindl Farms LLC from Lehigh Grains Inc. and Sunny Slope Farms Inc., Wo Weaversvil­le Rd., $37,982, (1/13).

Pinca, Joseph, Fisher, Lauren and Pinca, Rosemary from Makos, Lindsay A., 1346 Adams St., $235,000, (1/15).

Rendon, Briani Nadine and Pagan, Edwin Lee from NVR Inc., 514 River Run, $219,000, (1/9).

Schneck, Abagail and Binder, Jarred from

NVR Inc., 407 Lock Dr., $200,660, (1/20). Schneider, Thomas P. and Schneider, Carol A. from Colon, Efrain Jr., Mangual-Colon, Maria D., Colon, Maria D. Mangual- and Mangual, Maria D., 212 McNair Cir., $330,000, (1/10).

Younes, Joseph from Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, Pretium Mortgage Acquisitio­n Trust and Alta Residentia­l Solutions LLC, 14 Country Rd., $425,000, (8/28).


Ainge, Ryan T., Rivera-Ainge, Paula A. and Ainge, Paula A. Rivera- from Duyssen, Jeffrey S. and Duyssen, Bethann L., 37 N. Sixth St., $184,900, (1/6).


135 East Broad LLC from Weideman,

Robert W., 138 E. Raspberry St., $110,400, (1/17).

Alcantara, Derlin H. Silverio from Aoun, Alice and Aoun, Alain, 910 Itaska St., $169,900, (1/10).

B. & L. Properties LLC from Walton, Kenneth F. and Walton, Patricia R., 431 Montclair Ave., $185,000, (1/15).

B. & L. Properties LLC from Walton, Kenneth F. and Walton, Patricia R., 433 Montclair Ave., $185,000, (1/15).

Bowen, Andre M. Sr. and Anderson, Velma J. from Vu, Xuyen, 2843 Linden St., $420,000, (1/17).

Cusick, Katherine and Halle, Peter Roland from Auld, Eliese E., Auld-Grella, Eliese E., Grella, Eliese E. Auld- and Grella, Guiseppe C., 2227 Kemmerer St., $234,900, (1/17).

Ettinger, Scott Y. and Ettinger, Jamie A. from Morales, Christophe­r M., 1413 Center St., $190,000, (1/8).

Grassi, Mary E. from Sedler, Joseph J., 634

Apollo Dr., $113,750, (1/14).

Green, Anthony Jr. and Green, Nicol from Charlton, K’Tina N. and East, K’Tina N., 622 Atlantic St., $100,000, (1/24).

Hetrick, Daniel from Estate of Steinis, Stephen F. and Rauscher, Charlene, 2028 Mary St., $56,375, (1/17).

Hickman, Albert Peet and Friedemann, Theresa from Coughlin, James M., 241 Moreland Ave., $385,000, (1/6).

Holiday Bethlehem Holdings LLC from Hari Om Hari LLC, 2201 Cherry Ln., $14,000,000, (1/9).

Lee, Taeho from Colon, Jose A. and Colon, Marisol, 706 Wyandotte St., $125,000, (1/15).

Maldonado, Monica and Maldonado,

Edgar G. from Geiger, James F. and Geiger, Debra A., 757 Apollo Dr., $344,375, (11/15).

Mejia, Martha and Casimiro, Gabriel A. from Knupp, Lindsey, 135 E. Garrison St., $150,000, (1/15).

Mohammed, Zide and Mohammed,

Haniffa from Sencan, Mustafa, 1234 North Blvd., $237,000, (12/20).

Morales, Emily Judy and Morales, Osman R. Jr. from Gjo Properties LLC, 514 Atlantic St., $73,000, (1/2).

Quezada, Eriberto Araujo and Thompson, Ivette Altagracia from Kiefer, Scott, Kiefer, Debra and Kiefer, Eric, 1416 Hottle

Ave., $129,250, (10/30).

Reardon, Julianne from Millstone Holdings LLC and J & M Real Estate Investment­s LLC, 1714 Monocacy St., $159,600, (1/9). Rivera, Andres from Bristol, Christophe­r D. and Kahmer, Desiray S., 3012 Center St., $239,900, (1/17).

Schoellkop­f Investment Group LLC from Keck, Kyle and Keck, Jocelyn, 933 E. Fifth St., $120,000, (12/13).

Stauffer, Ryan G. from Piccione, Salvatore R. and Piccione, Lisa Marie, 1724 Mertwood St., $180,000, (1/17).

Tanous, Michael from Baunach, Hugh, 1414

E. Fifth St., $69,500, (1/17).

Wheeler, Jenna from CZM II LLC, 1720 Elm

St., $190,000, (1/10).


Alloggio, Jonathan and Alloggio, Julianne from Dunham, Shane E. and Dunham, Bethany D., 141 Founders Ct., $179,000, (1/15).

Gstreet LLC from McIlroy, Earle R. and Fretz, Ruthann, 4101 Pinel Ln., $210,100, (1/22).

Kurtz, Michael from Lucas, Robert L. and United States Of America, 4190 Ross Rd., $228,000, (1/21).

Perillo Family General Partnershi­p from Fiorini, Thomas A. and Fiorini, Marie A., 2299 Brodhead Rd., $302,500, (1/14). Perun, John R. and Perun, Rema from Shive, Shirley, Shive, Shirley A. and Shive, John J. Jr., 3520 Skyline Dr., $238,000, (1/14).

Thompson, Victor W. and Thompson, Patricia R. from Wazeka, Henry G., 4095 Sugar Maple Ln., $400,000, (1/15).


Homoki, Stephen S. and Homoki, Bridget H. from Estate of Beltz, Bruce V. and Beltz, Roy Allen, 205 Hoffman Rd., $150,000, (12/11).

McDonagh, Thomas P. from Spotlot Developmen­t Co. Inc., 329 Aubrey Rd., $589,900, (1/17).

Petosa, Mario and Petosa, Toni-Donna from Chamberlai­n, Martin E. and Chamberlai­n, Marybeth, 634 Kathleen Dr., $467,500, (12/20).

Spotlot Developmen­t Company Inc. from Silo Drive LLC, 317 Aubrey Rd., $125,000, (1/24).


Jaindl Farms LLC from Lehigh Grains Inc. and Sunny Slope Farms Inc., 7219 Arrowhead Rd., $697,206, (1/13).

Jaindl Farms LLC from Lehigh Grains Inc. and Sunny Slope Farms Inc., 5560 Dogwood Rd., $1,112,318, (1/13).

Jaindl Farms LLC from Lehigh Grains Inc. and Sunny Slope Farms Inc., 7219 Arrowhead RD, Locust Rd., $1,283,264, (1/13). JKL Estates LLC from Har Property LLC,

7514 Beth Bath Pike, $1,500,000, (1/22). Lacoe, Brian A. from Roeder, Edwin H. Jr.,

5020 Nor Bath Blvd., $291,000, (1/16). Sheeran Cole LLC from Ladonis, Judith E.,

6357 Airport Rd., $495,000, (1/16).


698 Northampto­n LLC from 1126 Ventures LLC, 698 Northampto­n St., $285,000, (1/6).

Aerni, Robert C. from Estate of Garrecht, William B. and Lipare, Louis S., Industrial Dr., $20,001, (1/21).

Amador, David from Ido, Faysal, 56 N.

Ninth St., $150,000, (1/17).

Bendjilali, Takieddine from Estate of Wheelen, Thomas Edward Sr. , Estate of Wheelen, Thomas E., Wheelen, Terri L. and Wheelen, Tracy Ann, 35 N. Delaware Dr., $24,000, (1/16).

Brito, Bertha J. from Gutierrez, Jason D.

and Kehm, Priscilla M., 721 Pine St.,

$33,000, (1/23).

De Los Santos, Jeffrey from Blue Realty

LLC, 60 N. Seventh St., $35,600, (1/16). Durnin, John from Estate of Bealer-Shipman, Barbara A., Estate of Shipman, Barbara A. Bealer-, Estate of Bealer, Barbara A., Bealer, Nichole Suzanne and Bealer, Gregory Charles, 326 Bushkill St., $98,050, (8/28).

Fabian, Michael and English, William from Faust, Daniel W. Jr. and Faust, Susan J., 1135-37 Spruce St., $30,000, (1/17). Ferrara, Vincenzo from 121 North 3RD LLC,

1324 Spring Garden St., $225,500, (11/11). Ferreira, Fernando J. and Soares, Tiago from Vikram, Raju, 1232 Butler St., $106,400, (1/13).

Jabbour, Antonios from Reichert, Sandra

R., 1414 Spruce St., $54,900, (1/10). Liranzo, Amin and Mondaque, Lilly from Forman, Deborah E., 319 W. Lincoln St., $147,499, (12/11).

Malinowski, Jonathan J. and Malinowski, Molly S. from Winkler, Benjamin P. and Winkler, Candace S., 118 James Ct., $106,000, (1/21).

Manja, Michael and Manja, Hadeel from Hernandez, Darlene Chacon, 1219 Jackson St., $63,000, (1/17).

Pedregon, Sarah L. from MK Investment­s Group LLC, 1448 Lehigh St., $139,900, (1/10).

Sanfilippo, Michael from Estate of Drinkhouse, David F. and Dailey, Anne Drinkhouse, 210 Canal Park, $108,000, (1/13).

Sheats, Christophe­r, O’Brien-Sheats, Jessie and Sheats, Jessie O’Brien- from Brisco Funding LLC, 831 Walnut Ave., $40,000, (1/8).

Silent Owl Real Estate LLC from JJMD Realty LLC, 433 Old Philadelph­ia Rd., $183,000, (12/18).

Stmpu LLC from Garofalo, Helen, Garofalo, Helen J. and Vilcek, Helenbeth, 119 S. Mulberry St., $39,000, (1/10).

Wolff, Amy M. from Tippins, Kathleen Bellew, 323 Parsons St., $210,000,



Anderson, Tony T. from NVR Inc., 2224 Alex

Rd., $223,335, (1/9).

Baldev, Miroslav O. and Baldeva, Milena H. from Smickle, Kathleen A., 35 Crown Dr., $190,000, (1/22).

Blume, Peter A. from Selser, Edward F. Jr., Chernega, Megan C. and Selser, Megan C., 1560 Deena Dr., $244,000, (1/14). Brandau, Mark from Young Family Trust No 1 Dated January 31 2012 and Young, Craig A., 1501 Lieb Rd., $280,000, (1/16). Chinchilla, Raul E. Fernandez and De Fernandez, Mirna Xiomara Nolasco Perez from Reeder, Helen M., 1341 Richmond Rd., $205,000, (1/22). Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. from Alexander, Michael and Alexander, Taniesha, 2680 Long Way, $321,000, (12/10).

Gilmore, Matthew D. from Kerdzaliev, Jaid A. Jr. and Kerdzaliev, Sierra, 4 Aarons Pl., $159,000, (1/11).

Greggo, Mark A. and Chen, Julia E. from McIntosh, Jeremy and McIntosh, Cherylynn, 1155 Spring Rd., $319,900, (11/30). Grella, Guiseppe C. and Grella, Eliese E. from Hope, Richard F. and Hope, Virginia Lawrence, 1901 Cherry Ave., $359,900, (1/14).

Gross, Matthew R. and Hogan, Mary S. from Todaro, Janice C., 1195 Meco Rd., $309,000, (1/21).

Kent, Jason N. and Kent, Breanne N. from Segal & Morel At Forks Township X. LLC and Segal & Morel Inc., 2907 Falk St., $439,375, (1/10).

Matos, Elias and Matos, Tawania I. from Morici, Frank A. and Tavani, Meghan E., 269 Patterson Walk, $262,500, (12/30).

National Transfer Services LLC from Salomon, Schiller and Salomon, Sandlie, 860 Fieldstone TRL, $290,800, (12/14). Vanegas, Jean Paul Tafur and Robinson, Abigail from Boyle, Shirley A. and Boyle, Chandra M., 2800 Hickory Dr., $295,000, (1/10).


Collins, Tasha M. from Semple, Carl D., 426

S. Oak St., $184,000, (1/10).

Hadad, Mouris from Kluemper, Bart J. and Kluemper, Christine J., 911 Tolstoy St., $83,000, (1/16).


Lopez, Israel from Suarez, Milton, 118 Main St., $35,000, (1/23).


Fazil, M. Arif from Tsihlis, John James Jr. and Kresge, Cara Marie, 1940 Rosewood Dr., $160,000, (12/31).

King, Jeremy Lee from Deangelo, Michael J. and Deangelo, Margaret M., 6898 Gwenmawr Rd., $425,000, (1/13).


Beretzki, Karen from Tenth LV Homes LLC and Milosev, Borko, 1021 First Ave., $157,500, (12/31).

Godown, Robert J. and Godown, Erin L. from Reinert, Carol Ann, 107 Roth Ave., $217,000, (1/3).

Howard, Jessica from Burgos, Nancy, Burgos, Kimberly and Clymer, Kimberly, 114 New St., $165,000, (1/10).

Jackson, Andrew Robert and Garner, Courtney Sarah from Houck, Paul Richard III, 75 Wagner Ave., $259,900, (1/17).


Adickes, Douglas C. and Adickes, Jessica from Dileo, Anthony J., 3790 Lehigh Dr., $165,000, (1/10).

Bittner, Zachary from Liggitt, Todd R. and Liggitt, Melissa S., 3421 Teel Rd., $400,000, (1/15).

Brensinger, Rusty Lee and Brensinger, Jamie M. from Berhel, Jesse J., 1458 Blue Mountain Dr., $234,900, (1/10).

Kerr, Dominick M. and Kerr, Erica E. from Grube, Ryan S. and Grube, Kimberly A., 4327 Wood Dr., $225,000, (12/31).

R. I. Investment­s Group LLC from Wells Fargo Bank N. A., 3741 Teak Dr., $53,333, (11/25).

Weideman, Robert W. from Radcliff, Roger and Radcliff, Denise, 4279 Chestnut Dr., $174,900, (1/17).

Werkheiser, Jaclyn from Werkheiser, Vicky

P., 3591 Spruce Dr., $315,000, (1/22). Wotasek, Robert and Wotasek, Judith L. from Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Kondaur Capital Corporatio­n, 376 N. Granger Rd., $166,000, (1/15).


Alao, Larry A. and Alao, Penelope Anne from Behler, Gary C. and Behler, Karen M., 418 Heritage Ln., $349,900, (1/3). Hunt, Hugh K. and Hunt, Diana from Pobuda, Andrew R., 4239 Hecktown Rd., $370,000, (1/10).

McGraw, Charlene from Lawatsch, Frank E. Sr. and Lawatsch, Jessie M., 4646 Oakwood Ln., $347,500, (1/6).

Robertson, Erik and Robertson, Sara from Pires, Marcos and Pires, Kristina A., 470 W. Locust Ln., $250,000, (1/9).


Frey, William T. and Frey, Jane A. from Fallos, Evelyn M., 1852 Gregory Pl., $316,200, (1/14).

James, Robert Lee Jr. from Wells Fargo

Bank N. A., 2547 Easton Rd., $157,500, (12/26).

Janos, Joseph D. and Janos, Catherine J. from Slade, Catherine R., 1812 Felicity Ln., $274,500, (12/13).

Szakmeiste­r, Kathy Ann from Moyer Properties LLC, 2063 Apple St., $247,500, (1/10).


Hoysan, Mandy M. and Hoysan, Christophe­r A. from Knauss, Hollie B., 359 S. Egg Rd., $395,000, (1/21).

Parvez, MD Nahid and Akter, Shahina from Lop Land Trust and Weaver, Jeremy, Moorestown Dr., $10,000, (1/14).


1326 Third Street LLC from Layous Proper

ties LLC, 1326 Third St., $100,000, (1/22). 1332 Third Street LLC from Layous Proper

ties LLC, 1332 Third St., $72,000, (1/22). Moussa, Larry from Estate of Ondush, Joseph P. Jr., Estate of Ondush, Joseph P., Ondush, Lisa Marie, Ondush, Corrine Margaret and Ondush, Angela Mary, 1015 Crane St., $47,000, (1/10).


Wursta, Sean and Wursta, Tracy Ann from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporatio­n and National Default Reo Services LLC, 2417 Dewey Ave., $58,577, (12/6).


Barkley, Michael from Aghimien, Emmanuel, Michael, Antonia and Aghimien, Antonia, 3311 Rocky Ln., $478,000, (1/7). Bracken, Dex T. from Bracken, Mark D., Kondikoff, Linda A. and Bracken, Dale T. Jr., 2609 Stephens St., $125,000, (12/23). Charles, Wilner Jr. from Rinaldi, Paul F., Rinaldi, Constance M. and Rinaldi, Paul F. Jr., 2638 Eldridge Ave., $209,000, (1/7). J+M Real Estate Investment­s LLC and Millstone Holdings LLC from Estate of Beers, Barbara Ann, Martin, Debra A. and Werner, Karen, 3300 Glen Ave., $135,500, (1/21).

Karpuk, Wladyslaw from Balzano, Nicholas J., Naghshineh, Rita Balzano, Balzano, Rita and Guffy, Maria Lisa, 2607 Swanson St., $200,000, (1/13).

Lawson, Thomas from Young, Jason A., 441

N. Greenwood Ave., $162,900, (1/17). Moussa, Joseph Jr. from Stahl, Gary A. and Stahl, Lynn D., 72 Clairmont Ave., $369,900, (1/15).

Rezk, Mohamed and Ahmed, Mervat E. from Pettinari, Anthony R. Jr., 2665 Anthony Ct., $206,000, (1/10).

Sheurs, Ronald E. and Sheurs, Barbara A. from Reed, Jo Ann, 94 Moor Dr., $325,000, (1/15).

Smale, Sunhee from Estate of Vogel, Harold P., Vogel, Robert John and Young, Patricia Ann, 41 Middle Pl., $169,000, (1/15).

Verma, Neelam from Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc., 4 Windrift Ct., $325,000, (12/24).

Wagner, Joel L. from Secretary Of Housing and Urban Developmen­t, 2616 Nazareth Rd., $119,600, (1/10).

Welser, Perry Lee Jr. and Welser, Lauren Ashley from Clossey, Kelly, 101 Berks St., $145,000, (12/6).


Holschwand­er, Kent B. from Jones, Dorothy and Jones, Donald H., 113 George St., $150,000, (1/9).

Ziev, Marissa M. from Yulfo, Carolyn M.,

609 Pen Argyl St., $124,000, (1/10).


Ballantyne, Jessica Renee from Borton,

Judith E., 489 Sportsman Club Rd., $186,000, (1/13).


Allan, David C. from Miller, Adam H., 701 Washington St., $166,400, (12/31).


Labate, Michael D. and Labate, Patricia A. from Estate of Romano, Michael J. Jr. and Merlo, John Andrew, Falcone Ave, Calviero Ct., $31,500, (1/7).


Cozze, Andrew F. from Mikisits, Donna L. and Vanwhy, Donna L., 87 Main St., $242,000, (1/16).


Zhou, Jintan from Williams, Dean J., 522 Broad St., $82,000, (12/6).


A. A. A. A. Constructi­on LLC from U. S. Bank National Associatio­n and Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, 297 Farmview Rd., $227,500, (1/2).

Stover, Daniel P. from Anthony, Joel Inc., Joel Anthony Inc., Rueda, Wilson, Fehrenbach­er, Christian and Heckman, Scott, 2861 Georgetown Rd., $277,500, (1/16).


Maldonado, Miguel J. and Maldonado, Andrea C. from Hamm, Robert A., 6 View Dr., $140,000, (1/10).

Markley, Janet R. from Benyo, Karen L. and Cassidy, Karen L., 204 Oak St., $140,000, (1/16).

Wakim, Nazih from Wells Fargo Bank N. A.,

11 Main St., $60,500, (12/20).


Ohland, James Jr., Sisco-Ohland, Charlayne, Ohland, Charlayne Sisco- and Noonan, Robert from Hilbert, Wade, 170 Rutt Rd., $110,000, (1/10).

Raidline, Richard R. and Raidline, Jenifer L. from Snyder, Lloyd M., 312 Oak Rd., $425,000, (1/9).


Cheung, Albert Quen Hou and Hsu, Ko Hsin from Kent, Jason N., Ross, Breanne N. and Kent, Breanne N., 608 Prestwick Dr., $185,000, (1/17).

Cox, Robert T. IV and Cox, Lori Ann from Tomaino, Jimmy, 410 Wassergass Rd., $339,900, (1/8).

Duka, Bujar and Duka, Larglinda from Hunter, Jacob C. and Hunter, Kirsten R., Hexenkopf Rd., $150,000, (12/31).

Hay, Edward N. and Hay, Catherine Z. from Sanjuan, Megan G., 620 Prestwick Dr., $170,000, (1/10).

Tang, Brian K. from Sgarlata, Christina M.,

313 Waterford Ter., $175,000, (1/15).


301 Wilson LLC from Young, Kathy M., Candal, Kathy and Candal, Mario A., 301 S 22ND St., $210,000, (1/16).


Albanese, Peter R. from Tidd, David W. and Tidd, Vera L., 614 S. Broadway, $90,000, (1/15).

Bellante Properties from Blue Mountain Service Center Inc., 249 S. Broadway, $575,000, (1/15).

Delvillagi­o, Sherri from Deboer, Jacob and Deboer, Erin, 231 N. Lehigh Ave., $159,500, (1/10).

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