The Morning Call (Sunday)



ALBURTIS Merrill, Aedan Thomas and Merrill, Timothy John from JMR Enterprise­s LLC and Bender, Terry Robert, 44 Front St., $120,000, (2/7). ALLENTOWN CITY

Baez Pollock, Dorimar and Pollock, Dorimar Baez from Cox, Thomas M. and Cox, Martina M., 2827 Huron St., $141,800, (2/14).

Birnbaum, Maxwell I. and Birnbaum, Jessica from Johnson, Curtis E. III and Johnson, Tara L., 1928 W. Chew St., $154,500, (2/14).

Chehab, Chehab from McDavid Real Estate LLC, McCauley, Richard and Reiff, David, 238 N. Saint George St., $125,000, (2/12). Cohen, Eleor from Capece, David S., 144 N

12TH St., $140,000, (2/18).

Cuevas, Salvador Loza and Ayala, Margaret from Twelfth LV Homes LLC, LV Homes Fund L.P., LV Homes GP LLC and Milosev, Borko, 929 S 10TH St., $140,000, (2/4).

De La Cruz, Katiria, Delacruz, Katiria and Cruz, Katiria De La from Berelejis, Geraldina E. and Patillo, Kirlpat, 20111/2 W. Washington St., $146,000, (2/18).

Diaz, Jose M. from Saadzoi, Yah Yah G. and Saadzoi, Najia, 728 N. Fountain St., $4,500, (2/21).

Diaz, Nelson A. from Vega, Evelyn and Molina, Jose Angel, 640 N 16TH St., $55,000, (2/13).

Ferrandino, Louis H. from Pejic, Vladislav,

2616 Mountain Ln., $155,000, (1/17). Furlong, Kevin from Foehrkolb, Ashley R. and Furlong, Ashley, 2711 W. South St., $190,000, (2/7).

Geist, Heather Lynn from Brennan, Thom

as J., 524 S 24TH St., $185,000, (2/6). Jaquez, Ridaurys Abreu from Rosario, Juan

M., 331 E. Walnut St., $130,000, (2/9).

Lin, Lin from Ferrio, Joseph, 147 N11TH St.,

$251,000, (2/7).

Northeast Acquisitio­n Group LLC from

Lawler Sharon M and Magan Sharon

1516 W. Liberty St., $145,000, (2/14). Rodriguez, Alberto A. Vargas from Skinner, Ryan Matthew and Skinner, Diane Felicia, 1231 W. Tioga St., $168,000,


Rodriguez, David A. and Montero, Elizabeth Ubri from Peguero, Yober E. and Feliz, Santa, 817 N. New St., $88,000, (2/10).

Rojas, Juan A. and Colon, Olga I. from Bennis, Thomas F. Jr., 416 W. Greenleaf St., $91,000, (2/14).

Sadaat LLC from TBB Tilghman LLC and Bancorp, 1442 W. Tilghman St., $535,000, (2/10).

Soto, Juan J. from Two Dudes Enterprise­s LLC and Lentz, Dave, 1118 Emmett St., $60,000, (1/30).

Stinner, Kyle from Hausmann, Alison E., Conklin, Geoffrey D. and Conklin, Alison E., 834 N 21ST St., $158,000, (2/19). Tavarez, Sabiel A. Gomez from Villanueva,

Juan, 1116 W. Green St., $80,000, (2/12). Topel, Dawn M. and Pysher, Corey D. from Ag Investment­s LLC and Ginsburg, Andrew A., 725 N. New St., $110,000, (2/21).

Torres, Alexander M. and Caban, Lisa from Singer, Ronald Wayne, 780 E. Green St., $110,000, (2/10).

Vargas, Stiven Manuel Brito from Pickering, Mary A., 620 N. Jasper St., $82,000, (2/20).


Koch, Jeffrey T. and Koch, Amy from Berardinuc­ci, Gary M., 927 Cambridge Ave., $160,000, (2/14). Massina, Candice M. and Thompson, Jon from Novatnack, Robert W. and Novatnack, Ellen S., 1417 Dalehurst Dr., $249,000, (2/21). McKee, Patrick and McKee, Alexandra T. from Joire, Kenneth M., Shanahan Joire, Elizabeth M. and Joire, Elizabeth M. Shanahan, 1157 W. Rosemont Dr., $310,000, (2/20). Nazario, Esmeralda from Zarzeka, Judith L., 1729 W. North St., $159,900, (2/14). Developmen­t LLC, Hirner, Erik James, Hirner, Erik, Hirner, Erik J., Hirner, Katrina Eileen, Hirner, Susan Jane, Hirner, James Barry and Hirner, Janes Barry, 332 American St., $200,000, (2/21). Tanous Group LLC from Horvath, John W., Horvath, John and Bauer, Jane, 246 Wood St., $62,500, (2/20).


Silva, Melissa M., De Oliveira Silva, Helton, Deoliveira­silva, Helton and Silva, Helton De Oliveira from Trumbauer, Kenneth N., Trumbauer, Evelyn K., Trumbauer, Dean W. and Colagio, Deanna M., 411 E. Landis St., $130,000, (2/12).


Canfield, Michael P. and Canfield, Kathy L. from Reinhart, Roger W., 715 Chestnut St., $180,000, (2/20). Dobracki, Neil and Dobracki, Tiffany from Brunner, Betty L. and Phillips, Susan E., 730 Lawrence Dr., $227,000, (2/12). Foulke, Wayne A. from Matthews, Courtney A., 174 Elm St., $295,000, (2/20). Mills, Jonathan and Mills, Stephanie Kara from Denora, Sandra P., 549 Liberty St., $177,500, (2/14). Say, Allan from Kohler, Elizabeth M., 135 Seem St., $219,000, (2/14). Turner, Ethan T. and Turner, Elizabeth J. from Miller, Nicholas A. and Miller, Kenneth L. Jr., 923 Evergreen St., $201,000, (2/14).


Moser, Tonya and Heckman, Quillas Elwood Jr. from Trexler, Jeffrey M. and Trexler, Robin L., 1829 Sherwood St., $248,000, (2/12).


Follweiler, Kathleen from Gilbert, Dorothea M., 5599 N. Walnut St., $143,500, (2/12). Gisella M. Grande Enterprise LLC and Grande Enterprise LLC Gisella M from 2604 Rolling Green Dr., $133,000, (2/14). Hu, Jason Hongkin from Dar, Rashid and Khan, Nushmia, 7065 Pioneer Dr., $199,900, (2/18). Knight, Trevor A. and Knight, Jessica A. from Marchessau­lt, Scott A., 1242 Clearview Cir., $367,500, (2/10).


Swope, Melanie B. from Perruso, Ronald P. and Perruso, Denise C., 2463 Pa Route 100, $188,000, (2/20).


Saarsa Macungie LLC from Sai Macungie LLC, Patel, Yashvant M. and Patel, Yogesh, 52 W. Main St., $350,000, (2/12).


Hoin, David E. from Miller, Barry D. and Miller, Rose C., 1975 Rockdale Rd., $350,000, (2/14). Reilley, Deborah A. and Castoire, Judith from Young, Laurel E. and Shorts, Laurel E., 5436 Tannery Rd., $345,900, (2/18). Shaffer, Zachary from Hahn, James A., 4724 Pa Route 309, $195,000, (2/14). Wooten, Michael from Beaver, Aaron and Beaver, Norene, 3945 Crestwood Dr., $269,000, (2/12).


Brandt, Matthew from Hupbach, Almut U., 791 Parkway Rd., $229,900, (2/14). Branton, Andrew L. and Kindred, Leah L. from Shipwash, Wyatt F., 4142 Lime Kiln Rd., $315,000, (2/14). Cortes Sandoval, Roberto, Sandoval, Roberto Cortes and Cortes, Lucia from Mohr, Gary L. and Mohr, Jean, 2020 Lawfer Ave., $193,000, (2/18). Niesenbaum, Richard Alan and Hupbach, Almut U. from Schantz, Robert T. and Schantz, Cheryl, 2209 Albright Ave., $414,500, (2/14). Vitale, Robert from Jaindl Land Co., 1857 Penns Xing, $490,000, (1/23). and Hare, Carol Snyder, 1660 Bobalew TRL, $515,000, (2/14). Grym, Anna J. from LSF9 Mortgage Holdings LLC, LSF9 Master Participat­ion Trust and Residentia­l Capital Management Group L.P., 2918 Edgemont Dr., $340,000, (1/30). Khuu, My Ngoc and Johnson, Terell Delano from Yencho, Laura Beth, 1460 Garden Ave., $199,999, (2/14). Slivka, Steve C. from Schultz, Roger D., Schultz, Suzann Marie and Schultz, Suzann M., 1436 Pearl St., $220,000, (2/21).


Franzone, Joseph V. from Fenner, Barry Norman and Fenner, Debra Ann, 360 W. Church St., $50,000, (2/14).


Antonios T. Inc. from Horning, Michael L., Horning, Glenda M., Horning, Brian M. and Horning, Emily E., 7813 Main St., $548,000, (2/20).

Baker, Jeffrey A. and Lesavoy, Stephanie H. from Krauss, Andrew and Villa, Paula, 4529 Bellflower Way, $249,500, (1/31). Choate, Andrew and Choate, Breanna from Connor, Marie Annette, 6463 Ulana Ln., $360,000, (2/14).

Confehr, Shane and Confehr, Martha from Trexler Fields Twin Home Project LLC and Koze, Richard Jr., 1050 Spring White Dr., $296,420, (2/18).

Smith, Alexander Michael and Armitage, Samantha from Trexler Fields Twin

Home Project LLC and Koze, Richard Jr., 971 Spring White Dr., $301,405, (2/21). Smolenski, Piotr from Smolenski, Piotr and Drapala, Justyna, 8498 Putnam Ct., $239,309, (2/19).

Yusella, Amy from Baker, Jeffrey A., 1424

Artisan Ct., $167,000, (2/20).


Grabowski, Michael E. from Kay Mill LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 3909 Mink Rd., $312 040 (2/21) 2007 QS6, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and PHH Mortgage Corp., 4911 Churchview Rd., $100,909, (2/13). Stephens, Matthew S. and Stephens, Eva M. from Double D. Lehigh L.P. and Daddona, John L., 5005 Hunter Ln., $158,000, (2/20).


Atanos Management LLC from Harding, Jane L. and Tom, Tung Ming, 3598 Laurel Ln., $236,000, (1/24). Hajjar, Wissam from Voght, Kathy M., 7454 Blue Church Rd. S., $130,000, (2/14). Ribeiro, Antonio B. and Ribeiro, Maria T. from Marchese, Nicole, 5974 Saratoga Ln., $211,000, (2/14).


Barkholz, Albert and Barkholz, Mae from Merck Employees Federal Credit Union and Merck Employees Federal Credit Union Inc., 3628 Rip Ct., $342,000, (2/7). Heiser, Kathleen A. from Maccrindle, Carol M. and Bellesfiel­d, Megan, 2552 Park View Rd., $200,000, (2/12).


Bonano, Jessenia Velez from Weber Kocon Partnershi­p, Weber, William and Kocon, Lynn Anne, 948 Sixth St., $199,000, (2/14). Deasey, Robert Myers and Deasey, Shirley Jane from NVR Inc., 4227 Cypress Ln., $333,575, (2/7).

Latorre, Angela and Latorre, Daniel from Hoderman, Kevin L. and Hoderman, Barbara Ann, 709 Second St., $170,000, (2/10).

Mendez, Ivan, Nehmeh, Sean and Mendez, Elivonne from Harris, Paul E., 4619 Main St., $140,000, (2/14).

NVR Inc. from Grist Mill Developmen­t Company LLC and Fasnacht, Gerald E., 4238 Cypress Ln., $100,000, (2/14).

NVR Inc. from Grist Mill Developmen­t Company LLC and Fasnacht, Gerald E., 4207 Magnolia Ln., $100,000, (2/14). Teloniatis, Ignatios E. Jr. and Daniil.

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