The Morning Call (Sunday)

Supreme Court and election officials deserve praise


A letter that appeared in the Dec. 24 edition of The Morning Call isn’t logical: Just because over 100 congressme­n and others supported the charges made to the Supreme Court doesn’t mean they were valid.

All nine members of the Supreme Court rejected them for what they were — more trash. All nine, along with every other judge to which Trump and his lawyers have submitted their baseless election charges, have rejected them for what they are, sheer rubbish.

Rather than being ashamed of themselves, as the letter writer suggests, the Supreme Court justices can hold their heads up high for doing their job to protect America from shameful attacks on our democracy.

The same is true for all those courageous election officials who, in spite of attacks from Trump supporters, did their duty in making sure that our election was run fairly and votes counted correctly. To a man/woman they stood their ground. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Bernard Murphy

Longswamp Township

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