The Morning Call (Sunday)

Reject politician­s who ignore the people


It is time to clean house. Reject, don’t reelect. Parties aside. Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer should all be removed from office.

We have the power to change. Vote for a better life, vote for social and financial reforms. Where is life (people living on the streets), liberty (cannot have a meaningful conversati­on with neighbors) and the pursuit of happiness (enough said)?

It is our fault; we voted for these uncaring individual­s. Only each of us has the power to fix it.

Reject, don’t reelect. I am putting that slogan up as a sign. Nationaliz­e this phrase; let them hear it as they sit in front of their fireplaces, unsympathe­tic to anyone. I am angry but I cannot fix it alone.

David R. Svetcov


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