The Morning Call (Sunday)



Baum, Richard John Jr. and Rivera, Joseph D. from Rahman, Syed J. and Khan, Shazia, 219McNair Cir., $435,000, (

Celia, Timothy J. from Boyle, James J., 349Millrac­e Rd., $200,000, ( Hirschman, Matthew from Estate of Hirschman, Shirley M. and Grube, Kathy L., 33School Rd., $220,000,


Parker, Corinna L. from Mohn, Margaret E., 227Walnut St.,

$175,000, (

Pierson, Tiffany and Paff, Kyle from Estate of Godshalk, Larry J., Godshalk, Christophe­r R. and Kelly, Caitlyn Anne, 647S. Northampto­n St., $156,900, (

Steinmetz, Tyler M. and Baltz, Courtney N. from McGowan, Michela, S. Northampto­n St. & 656S. Northampto­n St., $159,000, (


Grist Mill Developmen­t Company L. L. C from Metri, Andrew E., 231Old Forge Dr., $39,500, (

Smith, Heather G. and Sorensen, Dustin from Hahn, Eileen A., 221E. Main St., $130,000, (


Alexander, Roslyn from Allen, Ryan J. and Aviles, Iverediz, 737Finady Ave., $220,000, (

Baqe, Sayed and Wali, Sayed from Sayed, Taqe, Sayed, Anosh, Sayed, Ishaq and Sayed, Naqe, 3313Glendo­n Rd., $330,000, (

Beller, Janet from Shave, Anthony T., 841Nichola­s St., $195,000, (

Drew, Christine from Sullivan, Daniel R., 2435Madiso­n Ave., $205,000,


Estevez, Maira A. Villar De and Pichardo, Juan A. Esteves from Fisher, Kelly J. and Fisher, Lisa A., 1224Wood St., $180,000, (

Grist Mill Developmen­t Company L. L. C from Estate of Pearson, Jean E. and Cordts, April L., 2225Main St., $190,000, (

Grist Mill Developmen­t Company L. L. C from Estate of Pearson, Jean E. and Cordts, April L., 2233Main St., $226,000, (

Grullon, Christophe­r from Spin Doctor Properties LLC, 726Pembrok­e Rd., $147,500, (

Hernandez, Daniel and Hernandez, Leidy Brito De from Caymus Properties LLC, 1214Center St., $165,000,


Holtermann, Keith and Zurn, Madeline from Estate of Wolle, Priscilla P. and Weiller, Douglas R., 20W. Church St., $625,000, (

Kunsman, Thomas A. from Hartnett, William F., 1026Main St., $130,000,


Lamour, Corey Wilson and Cosme, Yahaira Enith from Secretary Of Veterans Affairs and Vendor Resource Management, 1038Crawfo­rd St., $175,000, (

Lehigh University from Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity Of Lehigh University and Tau Alpha Kappa Parents and Alumni Associatio­n, 216Warren SQ, $175,000, (

McDonnell, Sean and McDonnell, Chelsea from Estate of Heft, Janice M. and Ott, Cynthia L., 937Elm St., $215,000, (

Myers, Esther from Thierry, Christine M., 1142Railro­ad St., $109,900, ( Pelissier, Marie M. from Podleiszak, Ronald R. and Podleiszek, Ronald

R., 2524Coving­ton Ave., $172,000,


Pichardo, Crisberto Morera from Ahmedzohir, Assem and Ahmedzohir, Sarah, 76W. Ettwein St., $115,000,


Ramos, Anthony Corporatio­n and Anthony Ramos Corporatio­n from Cordon, Manuel, 1526Sevent­h St., $70,000, (

Rodriguez, Cassandra from Kurtz, Michael, 109W. Goepp St., $164,900,


Sesma, Antonio from Clasen, Patrick L., Pettigrew, Karinna and Clasen, Karinna, 1179Meadow Lark Way, $199,400, (

Up Market LLC from Ozimek, Vicki Velekei and Velekei, Vicki L., 718 Itaska St., $62,500, (

Villani, Mario A. and Villani, Preyia from MSS Properties Vi LLC, 2542 East Blvd., $176,000, (

Belmonte, Stacy Lee and Belmonte, John Anthony from Frechette, Joseph M. and Frechette, Andrea L., 3229 Blue Ridge Dr., $385,000, (

Brinker, Julie from Brinker, Cynthia A., 4735Henry St., $285,000, (

Cope Real Estate LLC from Mulrooney, Judith G. and Bush, Judith G., 3020Millst­one Dr., $131,000,


Digirolamo, Joseph and Digirolamo, Rosa from Mayers, Kim S., 1815Chardo­nnay Dr., $280,000, (

Edle Home LLC from Estate of Magdasy, Charles P. Jr. and Magdasy, Jane E., 3255Santee Rd., $144,400,


Fu, Wei from Andrews, Stacy N. and Davis, Lurleen H., 1924Vintag­e Dr., $354,000, (

Granville, Granville C. and Granville, Jessebie S. from Roper Preferred Properties LLC, 2548Brader St., $279,000, (

Knight, Linda from Dunda, George, 3370Highfi­eld Cir., $390,000, (

Kreck, Kyle M. and Nagy, Julie R. from Braxmeier, Marc, Debonis, Maria and Braxmeier, Maria, 1823 Bianco Pl., $323,500, (

NVR Inc. from Nancy Run Estates Family Limited Partnershi­p, 2845 10TH St., $175,000, (

NVR Inc. from Nancy Run Estates Family Limited Partnershi­p, 3914 Trythall St., $175,000, (

Orellana, Juan and Estrada, Juan

Brse Holdings LLC from Toncik, Donna and Northampto­n County, 110 Snowdrift Ln., $55,000, (

Dejesus, Brittany from Bostic,

Donald L. Jr., Bostic, Shelley L. and Padula, Shelley L., 257Hoffman Rd., $275,000, (

Landi, Giovanni and Landi, Kathryn E. from Costa, Aderito R., 1608Clearf­ield Rd., $365,000, (

Tansey, Oran O. from Hughes, William and Hughes, Gayle, 141Siegfri­ed Ave., $270,000, (

Bower, Michael S. from NG, David, 650Pine St., $122,500, (

Hernandez, Mario Juarez and Aguilar, Eneida Vite from Moussa, Joseph and Moussa, Hulwe, 741Ferry St., $64,500, (

HR Homes 2LLC from Shehata, Mohamed R. and Wahby, Hanan H., Washington St., $1,020,000, (

Iobst Operations LLC from Araujo, Maria, Lasichak, Maria and Lasichak, Michael N., 103Vista Dr., $83,000,


Malinowski, Alexander and Tchorzewsk­i, David from Pletcher, Diane L. and Northampto­n County, R. Washington St., $2,081, (

Malinowski, Alexander and Tchorzewsk­i, David from Pletcher, Diane L. and Northampto­n County, 927Washing­ton St. Rear, $9,000, (

Morgan, Simone A. from Orchard Investment­s LLC, 1023Spruce St., $124,900, (

Nova, Natanael from Boudreaux, Colette, Andreadis, John, Boudreaux, Sharon Elam and Elam, Benjamin, 1402Ferry St., $146,000, (

Pelkey, Brett from Houck, Christian, 1418Ferry St., $135,000, (

Perez, Berenise Rodriguez and Meson, Jose D. Portes from R. I. Investment­s Group LLC, 36S 12TH St., $145,000, (

Pier 6Ventures LLC from Shields, John R. and Shields, Brenda J., 1215 Lehigh St., $87,000, (

Rag & Bone Recycling LLC from Johnson, Wesley M. Jr. and Johnson, Welsey M. Jr., 1401Lynn St., $280,000, (

Shabayek, Awni Baker from Banks, Kevin W., 638W. Nesquehoni­ng St., $170,000, (

Smith, Timothy P. from Rowley, Rachel, 325N. Ninth St., $132,500,


Steiner, Michael C. and Steiner, Louise L. from Feilmeier, Joseph R. and Feilmeier, Lizabeth Suzanne, 324 Pierce St., $725,000, (

Ventura, Jonuel from Van Houten, Melissa, 397W. Nesquehoni­ng St., $62,000, (

Walnut and Pine Developmen­t Partners LLC from Jabbour, Michael M. and Jabbour, Anthony M., 623Pine St., $20,000, (

Cappello, Christine from Sam, Jennifer A. and Lamonaco, Jennifer A., 20 Fort Lee Ct., $175,000, (

Chokshi, Atul P. and Chokshi, Smita A. from Strausser, Gary J. Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC and Gary J. Strausser Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC, 851Iron Ln., $399,900,


Debalso, Robert from Rempala, Piotr and Rempala, Beata, 2765Gila Dr., $275,000, ( Fontana, Marissa from Schluter, Carsten and Schluter, Jodi, 2595Middle Way, $259,000,


Goldman-Reed Revocable Family Trust Dated May 242019, Goldman-Reed, Scott and Reed, Adam from Carollo, David, Carollo, Alba N. and Bedoya, Wilson, 750Cornwal­lis Dr., $375,000, (

Marte, Molly Rose from Estate of Johnson, Richard A., Estate of Johnson, Richard Allen and Johnson, Richard W., 525Red Barn Dr., $165,000,


Patenaude, Drew from Gonzalez, George I. and Desousa, Anna C., 2823 Broadway, $287,000, ( Rutt-Guerriere, Valerie, Guerriere, Valerie Rutt- and Mahan, James from Frey, John M. II and Frey, Patricia G., 15Brandy Wine Ct., $200,000, (

Sloan, Donald E. and Sloan, Cynthia L. from Garcia, Leonardo, 1310 George St., $242,000, (

Tavares, James and Tavares, Dorene from Perkins, David L., 824Ramblew­ood Dr., $440,000, (


Martinez, Ruth I. and Reyes, Emmanuel Batista from Estate of Greene, Eleanor V. and Pillar, Gail L., 204.5 Clearfield St., $90,000, (

Fegley, Andrew D. from Tweed, Eric John, 206Durham St., $173,000,


Heintzelma­n, David from Last Chance Ranch, 422Front St., $165,000, ( Radlowski, Peter and Sumoski, Sarah E. from Palisades Partners LLC, 1175 New Jersey Ave., $250,000, ( Servedio, Emylee and Servedio, Anthony Jr. from Estate of Ament, Maryanne C. and Ament, James E., 1547Zimpfe­r Ln., $195,000, (

Silvestri, Thomas and Jacovinich, Stacey from Genesis Builders Inc., 92 Main St., $255,000, (


Cirasella, Michael and Cirasella,

Jill from Lojacono, Eileen, 101-03N. Broad St., $422,000, (

Kerecman, Stephen Kyle and Kerecman, Emily E. from Markovci, Richard G. and Markovci, Nancy A., 30E. Chestnut St., $131,000, (

Peoples Property LLC from Kahler, Amy E., 58W. High St., $169,400,


Shiffert, Michael from Peoples Property LLC, 126E. North St., $225,000,


Ciocio, Giovanni and Argano, Melissa from Osmun, Daniel and Benner, Melissa, 1240N. Third St., $175,000,


NVR Inc. from PPG Willow Brook LLC, 1340Woodmo­nt Ln., $123,750, (

Ferraro, Margaret L. from Davis,

Carol Anne and Davis, Benjamin R., 139Glenmoo­r Cir., $290,000, (

Halley, Anthony Thomas and Kemmerer, Kerena Alexis from Burgey, Joseph W., 1103Wayne St., $210,000, (

Hutka, Serrina Delilah and Hutka, Richard John from Warner, Christophe­r T., Tsioukas, Andrea G. and Warner, Andrea G. Tsioukas, 2938 Liberty St., $244,000, (

Jones, Duane Carlton and Jones, Gwendolyn D. from Cannone, John G. and Cannone, Dolores E., 9Eastview Ter., $409,900, (

Keenhold, Alex from Briggs, Cathy Ann, 3303Jones Blvd., $221,000, ( Maciborski, Kenneth A. from

Posh, Jason Tyler, 1Lynwood Ave., $260,000, (

Reddington, Tara from Smith, Donald, 15Winfield Ct., $191,000, (

Schwab, Andrew and Schwab, Erin J. from Oieni, Frank, 233Lewis Cir., $652,000, (

Shin, Jung Uk from Estate of Coover, Susan Tomlinson and Tomlinson, William Craig, 1343Camelo­t Dr., $330,000, (

Steets, Jennifer from Young, Marjorie W., 230Jonatha­n Dr., $301,000, ( Trabosci, Christina from Martinaj, Arben, 3607Greenw­ay St., $175,000,


Uritz, Barbara M. and Tejeda, Raul from Zansitis, Kevin J., 1408Stones Crossing Rd., $315,000, (

Waterman, Lee Ann from Joseph, Jamie M. and Gazzano, Jamie M., 2875Oregon St., $240,000, (

Flick, David A. Jr. from Flick, David A. and Flick, Pamela A., 5828Sulliv­an TRL, $240,000, (

Goffredo, Steven A. from Dietz, Matthew H. and Goffredo, Steven A., 1120Pleasa­nt Dr., $28,900, (

Hallett, Larry Jr. and Hallett, Linda from Harman, Michael R. and Harman, Rose A., 208Northam­pton St., $40,000, (

Soler, Candace from McKean, Susan, 515Delawar­e Ave., $264,000, (

Best, Brandon G. and Fechtman, Kelsey D. from Waln, Dolores D., Waln, Dolores J. and Oaten, Jeannette D., 718Prospec­t St., $240,000, (

Ajd Ventures LLC from Estate of Pinto, John and Kresge, Richard L., 13 Blue Valley Dr., $46,600, (

Williams, Andrew and Rosebrock, Sonya from Cortez, Monica, 848Slate Belt Blvd., $265,000, (

Pysher, Scott A. and Pysher, Andrea L. from H. & G. Realty Investment LLC, 12410TH St., $86,000, (

Cantrel, Joseph B. and Cantrel, Terri A. from Estate of Brobst, Joycelyn J. and Brobst, Joni Ranee, 90Springfi­eld Rd., $255,000, (

Morris, Stephen and Morris, Antoinette from Morris, Harry E. and Morris, Julia E., 30Jeannett­e St., $270,000, (

Posh, Jason and Green, Devon from Prince, Pascal J. and Prince, Kathleen D., 235Valley View Rd., $430,000,


Singh, Inderjit from Morgan, Sam M. and Morgan, Dina, 280Oak Hill Ct., $563,000, (

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