The Morning Call (Sunday)



802Hanover LLC and Eight O. Two (802) Hanover LLC from Ziegenfus, Carlton, 806Hanover Ave., $450,000,


Ag Investment­s 3LLC from Scharf, Michael J. and Scharf, Lenore K., 1539Roth Ave., $352,000, (

Alonzo, Martha V. Aquino from Pichardo, Xiomedis, 738N. Fourth St., $106,150, (

Anep Investment­s LLC from Martin, Mary Ann, 933W. Pine St., $15,000,


Canela, Dalvin Valerio from Taveras De La Rosa, Aldwin, Valerio, Ricardo, Taverasdel­arosa, Aldwin, Taveras Delarosa, Aldwin, De La Rosa, Aldwin Taveras, Delarosa, Aldwin Taveras and Rosa, Aldwin Taveras De La, 2519 Broder St. SW, $200,000, (

CDC Developers Inc. from Yoneyama, Mike M. and Yoneyama, Midori, 744 N. Fifth St., $150,000, (

Class, Daniel and Jorge, Claudette D. from Little, Rachel A., Melcher, Nathan and Melcher, Rachel A., 1114 S 10TH St., $185,000, (

Comas, Marina and Comas, Melibea M. Carela from Brown, Joe, 950W. Tilghman St., $120,000, (

Condict, Travis from Tejeda, Beatriz C., 662N. Jerome St., $125,000,


Gil, Maria and Henriquez, Yaceli from Hunt, Luann, 2240S. Lumber St., $160,000, (

Guzman, Norberto B. Grullon from Younes, Shady, 405N. Halstead St., $175,000, (

Hawkeye Property Holdings LLC from Vogel, Elwood S. and Vogel, Ardis A., 735S. Eighth St., $65,750, (

Heinen, Mary Lynn from Embon, Franklin C. Jr. and Unger, Irene R., 617N. Muhlenberg St., $215,000,


Jimenez, Omayra from Boguslowsk­i, Joseph J. and Boguslowsk­i, Margaret R., 858Egge St., $60,000, (

Kaur, Gurpreet from Avery Davidson LLC and Pezon, Matthew D., 201S. Carlisle St., $117,500, (

Marmolejos, Enerolisa from Lucas, Joshua and Lucas, Megan, 2849 Ithaca St., $151,000, (

Naqvi, Syed Kazim from Khais, Vladimir and Khais, Elena Alexis, 850 Dorset Rd., $480,000, (

Newsome, Jamil A. and Newsome, Taheerah from Stewart, Constance

E., 19S 12TH St., $190,000, (

Ni, Kongfei from Wursta, Eleanor and Wursta, Theodore P., 811N. Sixth St., $89,000, (

Peralta, Aquilino Martinez from Stefchak, Christine Anne and Dabrowski, Jacob, 329N. Fulton St., $155,000,


Quintana, Lizette M. from Mondillo, Kirsten R., 1330S. Third St., $157,500, (

Rodriguez, Evelyn E. Rojas and Rodriguez, Elizabeth D. Rojas from Bennett, Robert W., 225N. Jefferson St., $163,000, (

Rosario, Joanna and Cruceta, Juan J. from Landau Irrevocabl­e Trust, Martin D., Landau Irrevocabl­e Trust, Elizabeth M., Landau, Martin D. Irrevocabl­e Trust, Landau, Elizabeth M. Irrevocabl­e Trust and Treisner, Laurellen, 1747W. Cedar St., $225,000, (

Rothenberg­er, Eric from Meier, John and Meier, Esther, 523N. Gilmore St., $125,000, (

Salim, Mahmoud from Bashour, Dalal K., 612N. Second St., $70,000, ( Schubert, Thomas J. from Matos, Nelson, 805S. Front St., $120,000,


Seitz, Jillian Anne and Hartney, Kaitlyn E. from Ceron, Michael and Ceron, Perla, 638S. Front St., $155,000, (

Singer, William H. and Singer, Pamela J. from Skeans, D. Thomas II and Skeans, Kara E., 129N 30TH St., $552,000, (

Singh, Mandeep from Moreno,

Henry, 125N. Poplar St., $90,000,


Smith, Maggie C. from Loor, Juan and Loor, Socorro, 2018 W. Washington St., $160,000, (

Sobota, Mark from Kerchusky, Robert J. Jr. and Kerchusky, Cynthia L., 1946 S. Hall St., $148,500, (

Vargas Bros & Co. from Paulino, Loraine, 709N. Seventh St., $115,000, (

Dianne and Hand, Dianne M., 3757 Crest View Dr., $430,000, (

Pitkoff, Miriam R. from Pitkoff, Mark I. and Pitkoff, Miriam R., 2521W. Pennsylvan­ia St., $143,250, (

Sarver, Christine McLaughlin from Kay Blue Barn LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 1369Caspia­n St., $304,115,


Levits, Paul David Jr. and Levits, Stephanie A. from Shearburn, Edwin W. III and Shearburn, Patricia A., 4522Brookr­idge Dr., $700,000,


Lopes, Jose and Lopes, Michelle from Peartree, Robert J. and Peartree, Josephine A., 6090Fretz Ave., $60,000, (

Mushock, Steven D. from Turney, Wayne S. and Turney, Nancy J., 4804 Ackermans Ln., $302,000, (

Pesta, Ronald C. Jr. from Carlos, Justin D. and Mann, Kailyn I., 5965 Valley Forge Dr., $232,500, (

Toscana Lands LLC from Swan, Donald M. Jr., 2103Flint Hill Rd., $19,567, (

Tucker, Russell W. from Pattanayak, Bamandas and Pattanayak, Mira, 4123Huckle­berry Dr., $273,000,


Hosking, Jakaira and Hosking,

Pavel from Stutzman, Benjamin and Stutzman, Rachel, 444Virgini­a Ave., $168,000, (

Morales, Elvin from Raabe, Mary E. and Cornell, Marilyn A., 1240Overlo­ok Rd., $210,000, (

Pulliam, Kristen A. and Stahley, Christophe­r C. from Perl, Rachel L. and Perl, Ryan, 4837Main St., $207,800, (

Rajha, Daiana from Enderle, Evangeline Sue and May, Campbell, 1244 Ellsworth Cir., $160,000, (

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