The Morning Call (Sunday)

Tax hikes hurt the elderly


I totally agree with the writer of a recent letter to the editor in The Morning Call about not raising local property taxes on the elderly and retired, like myself. Many elderly people can no longer afford to buy medication­s, and still pay high taxes on their homes.

I would vote for all state residents to just stop paying school and property taxes. What would government do then? They can’t put us all in jail or take everyone’s house.

If taxes continue to rise, wesoon will be like New York and California, where people are leaving due to the poor leadership of these Democratic-run states. Legislator­s have been promising to reduce taxes for decades in Pennsylvan­ia and have not done anything.

Wethepeopl­e put them in officeto do our bidding and it seems they just roll over and do nothing while they take more money from us, and we are the ones who suffer.

Time for a change. Remember who you vote for. James Daquisto


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