The Morning Call (Sunday)

Spending in COVID-19 bill


Writing a criticism about the COVID-19 relief bill to The Morning Call, a gentleman suggests that we all “wake up and see where our money is being spent.”

OK, I’m up. Here is where our money is going: expanded jobless benefits. And an extra $300 a week. Direct payments for rental assistance; $600 for individual­s and $1,200 for couples, about $25 billion. Support for small businesses, about $284 billion for loans.

COVID-19 response, including $20 billion to buy additional vaccines and $8 billion to distribute vaccines. The bill also includes $82 billion for education including elementary and secondary schools; $23 billion to colleges; $15 billion for airlines and their workers; $14 billion for mass transit and $300 million for rural broadband. Now I’m ready to start my day.

Stephen Vengrove


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