The Morning Call (Sunday)

Lower property taxes by raising sales tax


I’m writing in response to a letter recently published in The Morning Call regarding the property tax situation. We all hate paying taxes. The state Legislatur­e has come up with relief bills that never get passed, worse yet never make it for a vote.

The letter writer claims it’s the Democrats’ fault. However it is the Republican­s who are the majority party in the Legislatur­e. He is right calling for a change; just his change will not bring taxpayer relief. There are many solutions that will not, in my opinion, be difficult for most residents to help property owners to continue to live in our great state. Let’s finally raise the sales tax. Most people, if they have a choice, would love to grow old and never leave their home. The finger pointing is over. Vote out anyone not supporting tax relief. There are bills out there. Let them vote now; show your true colors.

Barry Friedman

Bethlehem Township

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