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Golden Rule should guide us during pandemic It’s time to say goodbye to Mark Trail comic


A recent commentary argued against regulation­s intended to halt the spread of COVID-19, stating that the “love of freedom runs deep in our country.”

But there is an even deeper love, which is mentioned in the Bible: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Respect for another’s life is basic to the survival of a society.

The state governors who are putting restrictio­ns on public gatherings are being accused of being power-mad authoritar­ians, intent on crushing our religious freedoms. Yet as they work to prevent as many deaths from COVID-19 as possible, governors are actually respecting an important commandmen­t: Thou shalt not kill.

Make no mistake: The refusal to wear a mask, to protect the people around us, puts others in danger of sickness and possible death.

The simple Golden Rule should guide us. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Value their lives, as you value your own.

Victor Zak


All right, I gave it a fair try but it’s not working. The new Mark Trail must hit the trail.

A recent strip has him striking his father over an argument about a speedboat.

I had many disagreeme­nts with my late father, and never was I tempted to raise my hand against him. To some, “Honor thy father and thy mother” seems an antiquated maxim, even in a comic strip. The new Mark looks and dresses like a derelict, appears dimwitted at times and is subservien­t to, rather than an equal to, his wife Cherry.

And what’s with that frog that keeps popping up in the strip?

I admit that the old Mark Trail needed an update, but not an entire overhaul. It’s time to say goodbye to Lost Forest.

Ed Ortolaza

Upper Macungie Township

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