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Postponing school sports season is bad idea


I was quite surprised at the op-ed by Bethlehem School Superinten­dent Joseph Roy regarding postponing winter sports, and then pushing spring sports post school year (The Morning Call, Dec. 31).

Pray tell how would/could this work? How would kids get to practice, how would officials officiate or coaches coach who have post school year commitment­s?

I understand and appreciate the loss to the student athletes but the idea to extend to let more spectators attend only furthers the problems.

Roy writes that the delay would be for safety reasons and to have uninterrup­ted seasons. I can get behind safety 100%, and I would love to let the kids play. Have schools stream the games but let’s not delay so more fans can attend.

Delays in winter sports would upend summer travel baseball and softball, which typically start mid-June. Many PIAA umpires officiate at those venues too.

Let’s use some commonsens­e here, especially for the kids who missed out last spring. Yes this sucks, and the kids are losing the most. But a short, safe season is better than nothing. Changing the season to increase attendance is not a move in the right direction.

Annmarie Ott


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