The Morning Call (Sunday)

Alicia Keys’s rejuvenati­ng bath.

- — Bee Shapiro


Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter

BATH RITUALS I go crazy with my bath. I go bananas. There are these amazing bath boxes from Mama Medicine, which we work with for Keys Soulcare (her beauty and self-care line). The founder, Deborah Hanekamp, she’s a beautiful artisan. She’ll fill the box with rose petals and certain crystals and certain oils and different incense.

Then she’ll give you a menu of what you need to do to release tension, or if you’re feeling depleted, how to restore yourself. During this time, with everything feeling so crazy, the bath is such a restorativ­e place.

SELF-CARE I got one of those Theragun massage things. It’s partially terrifying. You look at it, and it looks like it’s going to hurt. It does hurt a little bit but then doesn’t.

I love face rollers. I’ve been doing them for quite a while. Mine is an obsidian stone. It feels so good using stones and crystals in my life. For me, it’s a big part of what feels good. I love to call the energy I’m looking for toward me. Lord knows we need good energy.

I also have an LED light. It’s very portable. It’s almost like a book, and you open it in front of your face. It’s called Dpl II.

DIET AND FITNESS There are so many accessible online ways to work out now. I enjoy my meditation, but the fitness side of my routine makes me feel clearer and more in my element. Otherwise I might be moody and not want to create.

Taryn Toomey’s the Class is awesome. I also work out with Jeanette Jenkins, who’s called the Hollywood trainer. She does a whole lot on Instagram, and if my kids are at the park and they’re playing basketball, I’ll pull out her IG and do a few minutes of it.

I like AKT by this woman Anna Kaiser. She’s really great. And I like to do a good Gaia yoga. I go on the app and find a yoga session that fits the time I have. Oh, and I’m a Peloton fanatic.

I don’t eat meat. That’s how I’ve been since I was a kid. I don’t do dairy. I do a cheat day, though. I try my best to save it all for Sunday. It really helps. By the time you eat all the things you want on Sunday, you don’t want it. It’s too much.

I try not to go bananas. If it’s something I want, I eat half of it.


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