The Morning Call (Sunday)

Megan Rapinoe keeps it simple.

- — Bee Shapiro


COFFEE FIEND I wake up and I think how quickly I can get coffee. I do my workouts in the morning. Mostly, though, I’m coffee coffee coffee.

My workouts vary depending on the day, but usually it’s some sort of strength work and lifting, with cardio in the intervals. I usually start with yoga or Pilates as a 30-minute warmup. They are essentiall­y rehab exercises that I’m doing.

Because I’m old, I basically have to do all these extra exercises to get my body warmed up. This loosens me up, but it also helps me accept where I am that day. Is my back tight? Or is it my hips that are off? Then I can get ready for a big running session. All in, it’s about two hours.

For recovery, I’m definitely into an Epsom salt bath situation. I do that before bed and relax. Then I do stretching.


DIET WISE I don’t think about a diet. It’s just that everything has to be really clean and simple. I don’t eat a lot of sugars. And I guess if you look at it, there is a macrobioti­c sort of vibe. But I’m also eating to recover.

At dinner I do have a pretty strict thing in that my carb is always a sweet potato or a spaghetti squash as opposed to bread. But I do a simple carb for lunch. For a while, I was into the no-carb thing. But as an athlete, carbs are really your fuel source and low carb wasn’t working for me.

I also drink a ton of water. I can tell in my skin if I’ve been traveling a lot or if I’ve been drinking too much wine, maybe, and need to cut it out. I think people underestim­ate water and sunscreen in their skin-care routine.

I have pretty fair skin, and that doesn’t mesh well with being a profession­al athlete in an outdoor sport. I wear sunscreen every day no matter what. Basically my skin-care game is that I go out in the morning and do all this damage and then get back in the afternoon and restore it. Maybe some people think it’s vain, but I feel like the health of the skin on your face is indicative of the health of your whole body. I want to be bright and not so sun damaged.



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