The Morning Call (Sunday)




Coiro, Giuseppe and Coiro, Maria from Dugan, Bryan S. and Dugan, Denise M., 224 Ridgeview Dr., $270,000, (6/26).


814 W. Susquehann­a LLC and Eight Fourteen (814) W. Susquehann­a LLC from Lehigh Valley Private Equity Fund LLC, Cella,

Jeffrey A. and LV Fund Management LLC, 814 W. Susquehann­a St., $2,500,000, (6/30). Akinleye, Oyeronke from White, Joan L. and Long, Edith E., 1915 E. Columbia St., $315,000, (7/7).

Arce, Eve H. and Arce, Nicholas S. from Crilley, Rebecca, 2903 Alton Ave., $275,000, (6/21).

Blanco Realty Inc. from Batista, Victor R. Jr., 201 Ridge Ave., $360,000, (6/29).

Diaz, Charina and Santana, Altagracia from Kucsan, Chad R., 115 S. Madison St., $215,000, (6/30).

Eberhardt, Melissa Ann from Smith, Jeffrey S. and Smith, Linda M., 889 N. Halstead St., $235,000, (6/15).

Fowlin, Michael from Hendricks, Daryl and Hendricks, Marlene, 847 N 13TH St., $200,000, (6/26).

Golden Property Real Estate LLC from Rocky & Sons LLC, Rocky & Sons Constructi­on LLC and Ayvazov, Plamen I., 1449 W. Hamilton St., $350,000, (6/26).

Namous, Mohamad from Tabarany, Aziz and Tabarany, Ivette, 128 W. Gordon St., $139,500, (6/30).

Nunez, Angel F. Hernandez from Hepner, Danielle B. and Villeda, Ennio O., 1117 Lehigh Pkwy E., $340,000, (6/30).

Pagan, Rey A. from Guth, Irene Mae and Guth, Lee F., 1629 Chapel Ave., $150,000, (7/5).

Pena, Nelson Rosario and Roman, Maria C. Castellano from Urfalino, Marialena, Millio Zoto, Sandra J. and Zoto, Sandra J. Millio, 1546 W. Walnut St., $216,000, (5/31).

Reid, Priscella from CDC Developers Inc. and CDC Developers, 318 N. Church St., $165,000, (7/5).

Reyes, Dario F. Rodriguez from 120 Poplar LLC and One Twenty (120) Poplar LLC, 122 N. Poplar St., $155,000, (6/13).

Rodriguez, Carmelo from Rountree, Bonita Lee, 2336 W. Emaus Ave. Rear, $320,000, (7/3).

Roman, Yesenia from Kave, Jacqueline J., 2016 S. Delaware St., $227,000, (6/30). Romero, Wendy from Anb Realty 16 LLC and Colasuonno, Frank, 2024 S. Delaware St., $225,000, (6/29).

Serrano, Jason and Serrano, Yvette from Tabarani, Peter and Tabarani, Jennifer, 1340 1/2 W. Gordon St., $148,830, (7/6).

TM JM Real Estate LLC from Wegner, Robert L. and Wegner, Kathleen M., 637 N. Refwal St., $125,000, (6/30).

Unit Holding Co. from Nunnally, Talib A., 639 N. Eighth St., $400,000, (6/30).

Yurgosky, Dana and Duelfer, Gregory William from Hammel, Jonathan, 1120 N 21ST St., $285,000, (7/6).


Harding, Jonah Mason and Hoerres, Michaelyn Nicole from Baunach, Hugh, 725 Second Ave., $200,000, (6/30).

Hernandez, Angel A. and Alvarado, Carmen from Miller, Russell B., 1510 Eaton Ave., $270,000, (6/23).

Quartuch, Katie S. and Quartuch, Matthew J. from Villani, Michael S., 737 Seventh Ave., $275,000, (6/30).


Disla, Greanny Santos from Raven, William H. and Raven, Stacie L., 30 Stonewood Pl., $220,000, (6/28).

Eby, Alicia E. and Field, Lisa T. from Deist, Deborah and Deist, Matthew, 35 Second St., $255,000, (6/30).


Schoch, Terry L. and Schoch, Karen from Schaff, Joseph W., Schaff, David R. and Schaff, Dolores E., 128 S. Ninth St., $295,000, (6/23).


Fuller, Quayshaun S., Fuller, Oscar L. and Fuller, Oscar from Hartman, Mark, 4 N. Third St., $282,000, (6/6).

Mack, Kenneth from Kuhns, Stephen and Kuhns, Jenni, 4 1/2 S. Second St., $87,000, (7/5).


Jasinski Rauscher LLC from Sec. Of Housing & Urban Dev., 219 N. Seventh St., $172,000, (6/28).

Levinson, Janet from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard M., 4093 Eveningsta­r Rd., $491,835, (6/19).

Lucchese, Ralph III from Allsbrook, Anthony P., Allsbrook, Lauren, Allsbrook, Patrick and Allsbrook, Sheila, 331 Minor St., $372,000, (6/30).

McBride, Francis and McBride, Janet from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 3562 Gentlewind Way, $598,733, (6/21).


2834 Schoeneck RD LLC and Twenty Eight Thirty Four (2834) Schoeneck RD LLC from Western Valley Crossings DC LLC and Iit Valley Crossings DC LLC, 2834 Schoeneck Rd., $52,100,000, (6/20).

Bishudhana­nd, Michael and Ortega, Edith Elise from Burrell, Douglas R., 5301 Princeton Rd., $526,000, (6/30).

Fix, August Nicholas Jr. and Fix, Maria from Breslin, Jane A., 2025 Dougherty Cir., $645,900, (6/28).

Kabiru, Nelly and Kabiru, Sandra from Disante, Dolores, 6850 Pioneer Dr., $300,000, (7/6).

Koladicz, Karyn Regina Jordao and Soares, Felipe Correa from Korner, Christophe­r S. and Korner, Kimberly T., 1626 Promise Ln., $565,000, (6/7).

Laforteza, Andrew James and Laforteza, Lauren from Banerjee, Gaurav and Banerjee, Elaine Seaton, 6458 Rutherford Dr., $712,500, (6/22).

Molchany, Gregory A. and Schenkel, Mary E. from Dorney, Kenneth J. and Ruhe, Linda J., 2705 Lower Macungie Rd., $415,000, (6/30). NB Export Import LLC from Stoudnour, Roberta, 5681 Hamilton Blvd., $700,000, (7/5).

NB Export Import LLC from Stoudnour, Roberta, 5701 Hamilton Blvd., $160,000, (7/5).

NB Export Import LLC from Stoudnour, Roberta, 5719 Hamilton Blvd., $140,000, (7/5).

Shiwdin, Reshma from Motto, Casey S. and Motto, Justin S., 3730 Sweet Meadow Ct., $535,000, (6/19).

Simmons, Andrew E. and Simmons, Amber E. from Klocek, Joseph J. and Strohl, Carol Anne E., 2613 Fieldview Dr., $350,000, (6/30).


Ocasio, Jamie Vega and Martinez, John Lajara from Lick, Dennis D. and Lick, Donna, 3888 Dillingers­ville Rd., $500,000, (6/30).


Karpyn, Chet and Mahl, Riley from Albright, Erin Mary, 7109 Herber Rd., $205,000, (6/8).


Tyahla, Jesse R. and Tyahla, Lia K. from Williams, William D. and Williams, Eleanor M., 6751 Memorial Rd., $300,000, (6/30).


Berger, Issac S. from Giamalis, Sally A., Giamalis, George J. and Giamalis, George James, 103 Lindfield Cir., $213,000, (6/16). Uppiretla, Raghu Kiran and Achanta, Lakshmi Surekha from NVR Inc., 159 Aspen Ln., $535,000, (6/26).


Devine, Katherine M. and McLatchie, Karen B. from Rosenberg, Lisa and Rosenberg, Michael J., 2291 Briarwood Dr., $335,000, (7/6).

Garza, Jose G. Cano and Castro, Jessica P. from TMC Management Corporatio­n and CMC Developmen­t Corp., 5068 Bellflower Dr., $577,900, (6/29).

Hoffman, Ryan D. and Hoffman, Erin C. from Scanlan, Michael J., 4971 Poplar Cir., $775,000, (6/8).

Kichline, Jason T. and Kichline, Rachel K. from Freer, Kenneth, Ohawk, Elizabeth and Freer, Elizabeth, 2273 Creekside Dr., $400,000, (6/30).

Rosenberg, Michael J. and Rosenberg,

Lisa from McElliott, Bradly L. and McElliott, Maria J. Tomas, 4967 Sugar Pie Dr., $585,000, (7/5).

Sachs, Joan from Habas, Owen S. and Habas, Jessica A., 2305 Fernwood Dr., $325,500, (7/5).

Skumin, Megan L. from Case, Brian J. and Case, Ann M., 4273 Lenmar Dr., $535,000, (6/30).

Tremblay, John C. from Sehgal, Karan and Jassal, Gagandeep, 2345 Creekside Dr., $365,000, (6/30).


Almonte, Elba J. from Bokanyi, Eugene and

Bokanyi, Elaine M., 1625 S. Halstead St., $390,000, (6/30).

Caraballo, Luis A. Jr. from Caraballo, Rebecca, 1618 Hillcrest Ave., $290,000, (7/7).

Kerchner, Emily from Steckel, Norma B. and Steckel, Scott D., 1407 Sage St. SW, $268,000, (6/15).


Lehigh Landholdin­gs Inc. from Rothrock, Douglas and Rothrock, Nancy, 595 W. Church St., $115,000, (7/6).


Jbbnproper­ties LLC from Costa, David P. and Costa, Susan J., 2307 Coolidge St., $150,000, (6/30).

Ruisch, Julius T. from Fetterman, Mary Elizabeth, Fetterman, Henry Harter Jr. and Fetterman, Marilyn H., 18 N 39TH St., $345,000, (7/7).

Shankar, Avayam from Bullock, Carol A. and Donnelly, David F., 4087 Daubert Dr., $506,500, (6/27).

Todd, Colby Michael and Crilley, Rebecca from Heiser, Troy A. and Heiser, Martha, 5151 Huckleberr­y Rd., $400,000, (6/22). Vogeler, Matthew Paul and Vogeler,

Theresa Marie from Hamm, Roger R. and Hamm, Lori L., 406 Beverly Dr., $350,000, (5/23).


Bentaleb, Wassila from Malhotra, Ashok and Malhotra, Puja, 313 Milkweed Dr., $360,000, (6/30).

Cecchini, Mark and Ludlow, Jade from Lysakowski, Charles E. and Lysakowski, Kim E., 6522 Heidelberg Ct., $736,000, (6/30). Charles, Fenel and Philippe, Nenia Charles Jean from Galloway, William H., Galloway, William Hugh, Galloway, Barbara S. and Galloway, Barbara Susan, 5521 Heather Ln., $500,000, (6/30).

Cicchino, Ky from Smith, Daniel G., 815 Nursery St., $296,000, (6/21).

Dugan, Denise M. and Dugan, Bryan S. from Dugan, Denise M., Martin, Walter L., Martin, Walter Leroy, Strawhacke­r, Lisa M., Wright, Donna M., Anderson, Jennifer L. and Allen, Christophe­r, 1229 Avocet Dr., $275,000, (6/29).

Ghazi, Deborah Jane from D. R. Horton Inc. New Jersey, DR Horton Inc. New Jersey and Horton Inc. New Jersey, D. R., 7948 Keystone Dr., $484,990, (6/23).

Kagi Revocable Trust Dated December 13 2022, Felix R., Kagi, Felix R. Revocable Trust and Kagi, Felix R. from DR Horton Inc. New Jersey, D. R. Horton Inc. New Jersey and Horton Inc. New Jersey, D. R., 7916 Keystone Dr., $480,000, (6/30).

Kercher, Jasmin and Kercher, Chad from Klimek, Jerrilyn L., 6519 First Ave., $45,500, (6/30).

Kocher, Dawn Lynn and Iigenfritz, Tyler

John Kocher from Norwillo, Jessy and Kehm, Ashley, 1990 Cricklewoo­d CV, $301,000, (7/7).

Memedoski, Yusuf and Memedoska, Senada from Shivell, William Taylor, 32 Witman Dr., $395,000, (6/30).

NVR Inc. from Jaindl Land Co., 8231 Kirby St., $391,520, (6/28).

Patel, Vishal Kumar and Patel, Swati from Petillo, Alyssa L. and Minnich, Alyssa L., 8443 Cromwell Ct., $258,000, (6/30).

Perez De Los Santos, Lino Estarlin, Perezdelos­santos, Lino Estarlin, Perez Delossanto­s, Lino Estarlin, De Los Santos, Lino Estarlin Perez, Delossanto­s, Lino Estarlin Perez and Santos, Lino Estarlin Perez De Los from Truman 2021 SC9 Title Trust, Truman Capital Advisors L.P., US Bank Trust National Assn. and US Bank National Assn., 8844 Fritz Dr., $187,500, (5/3).

Stolfi, Christophe­r J. and Davis, Jennifer M. from Larios, Carlos, 483 Celandine Dr., $347,000, (6/30).


Richard, Lynn A. and Richard, Christine L. from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 3515 Gentlewind Way, $534,065, (6/22).

Robertson, Michael, Robertson, Julie, Meier, Anne Louise and Meier, Richard Evans from Stickney, Deborah J. Living Trust, Seidel, Corey B., Stickney, Deborah J. and Stickney Living Trust, Deborah J., 4459 Linda Ln., $750,000, (6/28).

Schlickber­nd, Elizabeth and Hauck, Robert D. from Smith, Daniel J. and Smith, Brittni

L., 4393 Stole Rd., $435,000, (7/7).

Smith, Daniel and Smith, Brittni from Cochran, Bruce C. and Cochran, Sherry G., 4488 Linda Ln., $835,000, (6/20).


4126 Huckleberr­y LLC and Forty One Twenty Six (4126) Huckleberr­y LLC from Fallinger, Velvet S., 4126 Huckleberr­y Dr., $325,000, (6/15).

Delia, Emil A. and Delia, Barbara J. from

Toa Locust Valley LLC, 5448 Traditions Dr., $759,540, (6/1).

Desales University from Ossie & Sons Electric Inc., 3385 Station Ave., $500,000, (6/30). Iffrig, Kevan and Iffrig, Rachel from Tuskes Homes Inc., 2690 Merion Dr., $1,214,770, (6/23).

Keck, Robert M. and Keck, Theresa A. from Rittenhous­e, Kathleen E., Rittenhous­e, John A., Magee, Dianne C. and Magee, Dianne Cahoon, 6891 Roberts Rd., $585,000, (6/21). Malhotra, Ashok and Malhotra, Puja from US Home LLC, US Home Corp. and Lennar, 4930 Brookside Ct., $419,979, (6/21). Mandala, Vamsi Krishna and Rokkam,

Meher Deepthi from NVR Inc., 3040 Merion Dr., $842,780, (6/26).

Michaels, David and Michaels, Stephanie from Duke, Jason Richard and Duke, Jessica Anne, 4593 Jasmine Dr., $357,000, (6/21). Moreau, Michael and Moreau, Jordan from Sklyarova, Olga and Tilbe, Anil, 4420 Apple Tree Ln., $950,000, (6/12).

Mulhern, Kristen Stephanie Stone and

Stone Mulhern, Kristen Stephanie from US Home LLC, Lennar and US Home Corp., 7610 Clayton Ave., $421,532, (6/14).

Perugu, Subbanagul­u and Perugu, Sireesha from Mahmud, Marium A. and Butt, Mohammad F., 1901 Rainlilly Dr., $1,683,000,


Schmidt, Susan Helene and Schmidt, Norman Allan from Old Saucon Investment L.P., Old Saucon Property Management LLC, Landis Mill Holdings L.P., Landis Mill Holdings LLC, Petridis, Gordon D. and Tavares, Carlos M., 4406 Old Saucon Rd., $771,224, (6/29).

Schwalm, Rose from US Home LLC, Lennar and US Home Corp., 7618 Clayton Ave., $370,142, (6/14).

Sistla, Sandhya and Kowta, Sr. Inivas from US Home LLC, US Home Corp. and Lennar, 7620 Clayton Ave., $399,990, (6/14).


Benetz, Reegan from Benetz, Frank and Benetz, Deanna, 3924 E. Grant St., $180,000, (6/30).

Kuhn, Barry L. and Kuhn, Maribeth R. from Messick, Theresa N., 6221 Rachel Dr., $515,000, (6/15).

Manley, Phillip S. from Call, Christi C. and Call, Christie C., 3297 Mountain Rd., $60,000, (6/28).

Pulliam, Steven and Pulliam, Sarah from Fritz, Shirley E., 7118 Kingstead Dr., $285,000, (6/29).


Gyory, Robert A. and Gyory, Maria A. from Jarjous, Bassem, 7265 Herber Rd., $850,000, (7/7).

Klawans, Trenton from Lovette, Norris G. and Lovette, Linda G., 1943 Klines Mill Rd., $400,000, (6/29).


An, Dong Ying from Coraggio, Cynthia M., 1905 Georgia Dr., $286,000, (6/30).

Atwood, Dawn T. from Ryan, Taylor Matthew and Ryan, Abby, 3373 Gail Ln., $350,000, (7/7).

Dohanish, Ronald S. and Dohanish, Linda J. from Martin, Jeffrey D. and Martin, Samantha, 3201 Center St., $370,000, (5/26). Leibenguth, Christophe­r and Ott, Christina M. from Younes, Aziz and Younes, Jolene, 4573 Cairo Dr., $370,000, (6/30).

Maleh, David and Maleh, Samantha from Grieff, Peter J., 3235 S. Front St., $320,000, (6/27).

Momari, Remon and Momari, Lama from Purvis, Jane Z., Purvis, Mark J. and Amory, Amy P., 363 Oakwood Dr., $412,000, (7/6). Piligian, Robert H. from Voice, Jeffrey F. and Henninger, Mary B., 3048 Washington St., $110,000, (7/6).

Plotnick, Seth M. and Fox, Alyssa M. from Tanzos, Matthew M. and Tanzos, Kimberly A., 3620 Cobbleston­e Ln., $480,000, (7/6). Schultz, Allison L. from Avila, Luis Angel and Avila, Doremi, 2417 Gentle Hollow Dr., $325,000, (6/29).

Tiburcio, Edirberto A. and Tiburcio, Kiara Jade from Molitoris, David and Molitoris, Kathy, 5209 Third St., $236,000, (6/30). Torres, Alexie Santiago and Torres, Megan G. from Hey Offer LLC, Lopez, Alex, Young, Joshua and Fegley, Jacob, 4628 Main St., $332,000, (6/13).

Woodbury, Deanna from Manifest LLC, 652 Fifth St., $241,000, (6/30).

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