The Morning Call (Sunday)




Caprioli, Linda from Rolles, Mary J. and Rolles, John H., 2037 Bally Dr., $365,000, (6/23).

Gable, Leon and Gable, Tammy L. from Caprioli, Linda Lee, 3113 Kreidersvi­lle Rd., $360,000, (6/23).


Jmkessler Enterprise­s LLC from Butko, Michael and Hsiung, Tammy, 47 E. High St., $265,000, (6/27).

Nansteel Rental Properties LLC from Pifer, Bryan F. and Pifer, Roxanna L., 15-17 N. Second St., $250,000, (6/28).


Dannykay Properties LLC from Estate of Nesfeder, Woodrow M. and Siegfried, Joanne M., 337 E. Main St., $220,000, (6/20). Tominaj Group LLC from Heckman, Jared and Heckman, Angela, 118 S. Chestnut St., $170,000, (6/27).


D’Angelo, Alex Michael and D’Angelo, Kathleen Davis from Bayer, David M. and Bayer, Marlene M., 438 Center St., $875,000, (6/13).

Danylenko, Denys from Beitler, Shirley Ann, Beitler, Shirley A. and Beitler, Brian G., 1522 Hottle Ave., $290,000, (6/27).

Gaumer, Bernadette Marie and Gaumer,

Ray Charles from Rosario, Darlene, 903 Greenhouse Dr., $419,900, (6/23).

Hamilton, Dwayne H. from Polgar, Richard W., 419 E. Garrison St., $202,158, (6/26). Huang, Grace from Benedix, Evelyn D., Benedix-Brown, Evelyn D., Brown, Evelyn D. Benedix- and Russi, Karen M., 1553 Elayne St., $225,000, (6/21).

Kaiser, Jeffrey John from Estate of Kaiser, Janet L., Kaiser, Jeffrey John and Yeakel, Jennifer L., 1250 North Blvd., $275,000, (6/28).

Leone, Antonio and Leone, Carol from

Estate of Campanella, Patricia L. and Griffis, Joshua Lee, 2011 Davis St., $249,000, (6/28). Mondschein, Iliza Martinez and Mondschein, Frank from Cutler, Erin, 619 Aaron St., $310,000, (6/20).

Nesbitt, Maryrose G. from Wu, Di and Hyduk, Michael E., 71 E. Walnut St., $425,000, (6/26).

Oroo, Ruth G. from Dias, Maria T. and Aguiar, Manuel, 1872 Campbell St., $289,000, (6/13).

Ravida LLC from Rathbone, William D., 11 W. Second St., $198,000, (6/23).

Zhang, Xin and Liu, Jingxuan from Arne, Susan Catherine and Arne, Christophe­r Nathan, 818 High St., $324,000, (6/16).


Cruz, Brandon J. W. and Cruz, Lauren

R. from Vacaro, Michael A. and Vacaro, Rebecca E., 3894 Killarney Dr., $505,000, (6/27).

Luzzetti, Stephanie from Eagan, Sean M., 1208B Drift Ct., $230,000, (6/23).

LZW Properties LLC from Aaa Northampto­n County, 8010 William Penn Hwy, $1,000,000, (6/23).

Odotte, Donald and Odotte, Carolyne from Groff Real Estate Investment­s LLC, Ragab and Abdalla Partners, Ragab, Ahmed Sobhi and Abdala, Alaa Mohammed, 2549 Brader St., $192,000, (6/29).

Walls, Glen A. from Hasonich Trust Dated 4/1/2019 and Hasonich, Marlane T., 1462 Dennis Ct., $330,000, (6/26).


Gill, Gurwinderp­al Singh and Gill, Jaswinder K. from TMC Management Corporatio­n, 207 Scenic Ct., $913,032, (6/26).

Lewis, Jason and Lewis, Melissa from Beahn, Marvin A., 150 Baron Rd., $569,900, (6/27).

Muschlitz, Jack and Muschlitz, Ann Marie from Estate of Fischl, Lois J., Estate of Fischl, Lois S. and Shotko, Victor Walter III, 372 Schoeneck Ave., $313,000, (6/30). Werner, Kyle A. from Stannus, Thomas and Stannus, Anne, 973 Renaldi Rd., $675,000, (6/21).


Hernandez, Jonathan Guzman from Appert, Richard O. and Appert, Richard K., 2513 Monocacy Ave., $185,000, (6/27).


Bennett, Eastburn C. Jr. and Bennett,

Jeanne R. from Kizer, Christine and Kizer, Joseph, 6921 Cedar Dr., $470,000, (6/19). Doyle, Philip James and Doyle, Christi Renee from Toll Pa L. P. and Toll Mid-Atlantic L.P. Company Inc., 7016 Pond Way, $523,276, (6/6).

Feno, Randi E. and Feno, Joseph G. from Toll Pa L. P. and Toll Mid-Atlantic L.P. Company Inc., 7018 Pond Way, $551,152, (6/6).

KMFC Properties LLC from Buchvalt, Carol Ann, 6093 Airport Rd., $275,000, (6/28). Kybdsl Enterprise­s LLC from Buchvalt, Carol Ann, 6099 Airport Rd., $462,500, (6/28). Todaro, Joseph A. Jr. and Todaro, Susan L. from Toll Pa L. P. and Toll Mid-Atlantic L.P. Company Inc., 7020 Pond Way, $543,444, (6/8).


27 South Third Street Associates L.P. from Easton Parking Authority, 27 S. Third St., $3,000,000, (6/28).

Five Guys Two Houses LLC from Next Generation T. S. Fbo Guy Ferraiolo Ira Account 2709, Next Generation T. S., Guy Ferraiolo Ira Account 2709 and Ferraiolo, Guy Ira Account 2709, 427 W. Berwick St., $152,000, (6/21).

Maroun, Toufic and Maroun, Maroun T. from Pennsylvan­ia Housing Finance Agency, 915 & 911a Porter St., $233,000, (6/1).

Morshed, MD N. from McMickle, John Jr., McMickle, Pauline and McMickle, Todd, 1447 Lehigh St., $155,500, (6/22).

Porter, Matthew R. and Wood, Katie from Hawley, Christophe­r James and Hawley, Annemarie Louise, 124 Parker Ave., $437,000, (6/12).

Schoof, Dustin J. and Schoof, Lynn from Houser, Colt R. and Houser, Holly Beth, 120 S. Sixth St., $230,000, (6/29).

Stifel, William A. and Stifel, Indigo A. from Hunt, Patrick S. and Hunt, Erin N. Cottle,

426 Reeder St., $392,000, (6/6).

Terry, John and Chai, Xiaoming from Labar, Brad A., 1217 Spring Garden St., $174,900, (6/26).

Varela, Kenneth J. and Varela, Bernadette from Gold, John S., Gold, John Shannon and Matz, William W. Jr., 1005 Hillside Ave., $355,000, (6/21).


Holsinger, Mitchell and Desalvo, Hailey from Patterson, Glenn A. and Patterson, Ellen A., 1007 Frost Hollow Rd., $300,000, (6/23).

Marsicano, Vincent and Marsicano, Andrea from One More Riverview LLC, 888 Fairway Dr., $867,720, (6/26).

Siddiqui, Nadeem Uddin and Salem, Heba Kamel from Estate of Ihling, Shirley E., Estate of Ihling, Shirley Elaine, Ihling, Charles J. III and Ihling, Richard Joseph, 1505 Sycamore Ave., $450,000, (6/21).


Hey Offer LLC from Meilinger, Andrew and Meilinger, Rodney J., 50 Main St., $107,000, (6/29).


Aktas, Muhammet and Aktas, Betul from Lopez Rodriguez, Marisa, 5481 Falcon Ct., $750,000, (6/13).

Saveri, Christian from Estate of Keck, Luther W. Jr. and Keck, David Anthony, 1462 Westgate Dr., $301,000, (6/20).


Barone, Erin and Kislow, Robert from Rumble, Stephen P. and Rumble, Sharon A., 4330 Chestnut Dr., $329,000, (6/22). Roberts, Jason and Yarnall, Laura Ann from Izon, Neal A., 3758 Redbud Dr., $206,500,


Tamburri, Jesse and Tamburri, Caitlin from Orth, Matthew, 6856-6872 Little Creek Rd., $605,000, (6/16).


Barrett, Susan Ember from Dieter, Mary A., 4584 Steuben Rd., $350,000, (6/23).

Central Pa Equities 37 LLC from Clearview Associates, Hogg Family Investment­s Inc. and Hogg Family Investment L.P., 3774 Eastgate Blvd., $1,900,000, (6/26).

Jordan, Michael Dennis Jr. and Khan, Rebekah Kathleen from Reid, Dennis L. and Reid, Noreen E., 4702 Oakwood Ln., $431,250, (6/22).

Opsatnick, Joseph and Billetz, Megan from Indigo Investment­s LLC, 378 Manor Dr., $420,000, (6/22).

O’Reilly, Michael Christophe­r from Schwartz, Christophe­r M. and Vardoulis, Stacy, 4293 Beech Dr., $420,000, (6/23).


Hammond, Nick J. and Hammond, Melody from Clemson, Michael L., 1367 Carls Ln., $406,000, (6/23).

Nair, Reshma R. and Shah, Samarth P. from Jaworski, Justin and Jaworski, Nina, 1939 Saucon Dale Cir., $625,000, (6/7).

Reid, Michael R. and Reid, Madeline Erin from Rose, Brent D. and Rose, April A., 2708 Maple Dr., $550,000, (6/15).

Seeley, Anthony Jr. and Hill, Devon from Melick, Robert Christophe­r and Melick, Kelly Nicole, 3218 Apples Church Rd., $420,000, (6/23).


Caracio, Thomas and Caracio, Donna from Reavis, Diano and Knecht, Kimberly, 269 Hillside Ave., $389,000, (6/19).


Assad Family Trust Dated December 16

2021, Assad, Marhej and Assad, Eman from Kratzer, Beverly A. and Schoeneber­ger, Tina M., 1110 Fourth St., $150,000, (6/23).

NVR Inc. from PPG Willow Brook LLC, 1278 Pine Valley Ln., $130,155, (6/15).

NVR Inc. from PPG Willow Brook LLC, 829 Hendon Ln., $130,155, (6/15).

NVR Inc. from PPG Willow Brook LLC, 833 Hendon Ln., $130,155, (6/15).


Beck, Dale J. Jr. and Beck, Erin Mary Rose from Kislow, Robert J. Jr., 162 30TH St., $303,000, (6/16).

Smith, Christophe­r A. and Smith, Julianne N. from Kay Willowbroo­k LLC, 322 Kingsbarns Ln., $489,003, (6/16).


A & m Acquisitio­ns LLC from Brown, Gussie J. Jr. and Brown, Selina I., 109 Ridgeline Ln., $267,500, (6/10).

Cantor, Carlos A. and Cantor, Carmen G. from Wildrick, Lois H. and Wildrick, Kenneth H., 79 Central Dr., $685,000, (5/11).

Carol M. Ciotta Irrevocabl­e Trust Dated August 17 2020, Ciotta, Carol M. Irrevocabl­e Trust Dated August 17 2020 and Kelly, Jennifer Smith from Hahn, Terry Robert and Hahn, Lois, 12 Aberdeen Dr., $457,000, (6/27).

Griesser, John R. and Griesser, Brenda S. from Sysko, Donald L. and Sysko, Bonnie L., 140 Jeremy Ct., $420,000, (6/28).

Jodz, Victor P. and Freeman, Carole J. from Greco, Joseph Jr. and Greco, Marion E., 3 Inverness Ln., $420,000, (6/7).

Koch, William P., Koch, Patricia and Koch, Logan from White, Darlene and White, Cindy, 117 Old Orchard Dr., $230,000, (6/28).

Rivera, Felix and Colon, Digna from

Pugliese, Nicholas J., 815 Stones Crossing Rd., $275,000, (6/19).

Sankari, Dured from Results Homebuyers Inc., 3231 Forks St., $200,000, (6/21).

Sr. Oka, Christine Elizabeth and Borchers, James Derek from Hess, Karen F. and Werkheiser, Karen F., 28 Rosemont Ct., $300,000, (6/26).


Cartus Financial Corporatio­n from Smith, Michael R., Smith, Amy E., Obendorfer,

Ted and Cartus Financial Corporatio­n, 582 Belfast Rd., $429,900, (6/2).

Creveling, Harry C. and Creveling, Cheryl L. from Gildea, Alexander and Gildea, Taylor, 929 Browntown Rd., $340,000, (6/28).

Luke, Ryan and Luke, Jillian from Cartus Financial Corporatio­n, 582 Belfast Rd., $429,900, (6/2).


Wolski-Konecnik, Shannon N., Konecnik, Shannon N. Wolski- and Konecnik, Connor S. from Laduca, Adam J., 31 Dewey St., $305,000, (6/12).


John Z. Soyka and Jo Ann M. Soyka Joint Revocable Living Trust Dated July 18 2019, Soyka, John Z. and Jo Ann M. Soyka Joint Revocable Living Trust Dated July 18 2019 and Soyka, Joann M. from Herrlinger, Angela J., 114 Polly Acres Dr., $90,000, (6/26).

Krum, Alexander Franklin and Krum,

Heather Gloria from Mohr, Kyle A. and Mohr, Meredith E., 112 Frutchey Ct., $440,000, (6/15).


King, Charles III and King, Melissa from Losey, Matthew J., Losey, Mercedes M. and Delgado, Mercedes M., 3355 Westminste­r Way, $340,000, (5/19).

Macalush, Gregory from Petersen, Christophe­r J., 116 George Ave., $285,500, (6/21). Reynolds, Johnathan from Hartzell, Jonathan and Hartzell, Jeanette, 24 Kessler St., $265,000, (6/22).


Annunziata, Brianna from Mid-Atlantic Renewables & Constructi­on LLC, 308 Main St., $309,900, (6/29).


Harowicz, Jon and Harowicz, Eleanor from Hahn, Tyler J. and Hahn, Mishaela J., 267 W. Factoryvil­le Rd., $736,000, (6/27).

Van Caneghem, Robert C. III and Van Caneghem, Mary J. from Steadman, Benjamin and Steadman, Emily L., 332 Springfiel­d Dr., $475,000, (6/18).


Mishko, Austin J. and Mishko, Nicole from Greaves, Peter D. and Greaves, Christina K., 2915 Morgan Hill Rd., $705,000, (6/27). Shamenek, Richard and Shamenek, Rosemary A. from Eisenfeld, Lynn J., 5 Bachman Ln., $705,000, (6/22).


Active Money LLC from 1600 Northampto­n LLC, 1600 Northampto­n St., $225,000, (6/20).

Iron Property Solutions LLC from U. S. Bank National Associatio­n and Pennsylvan­ia Housing Finance Agency, 427 S 21ST St., $160,000, (6/26).

Sosa-Sosa, Merlyn Lisseth and Sosa, Merlyn Lisseth Sosa- from Guerrero, Karina, 1998 Freemansbu­rg Ave., $205,000, (6/27). Stoudt, Robert F. Jr. from Cuvo, Sean, 2421 Birch St., $173,510, (6/29).


Arthur A. Sojtori Jr. and Caroline Sojtori Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Sojtori, Arthur A. Jr. and Caroline Sojtori Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Sojtori, Arthur A. Jr. and Sojtori, Caroline from Powell, Roxanne, Santo, Suzanne and Seitz, Heidi L., 31 E. West St., $315,000, (6/22).

Slingland, Karen and Slingland, Cheryl from Estate of Koach, Robert G. and Blakeslee, Mark Allen, 396 N. Broadway, $230,000, (6/26).

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