The Morning Call (Sunday)




Erb, Christophe­r Daniel and Erb, Aliya Noelle from Daley, Dennis and Malacin, Cindy, 211 N. Main St., $250,000, (8/27). Nolen, Ryan from Nolen, Ryan and Fitzgerald, Nicole Jean, 340 Moty Dr., $263,120, (8/24).


46 E. Susquehann­a LLC and Forty Six (46) E. Susquehann­a LLC from Werley Knopp Funeral Home Inc., KV Knopp Funeral

Home Inc., K. V. Knopp Funeral Home Inc. and Knopp Funeral Home Inc., K. V., 46 E. Susquehann­a St., $730,000, (9/1).

Brockel, Robert from Ronca, April and Finco, April Ronca, 2101 W. Walnut St., $285,000, (8/16).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 1030 N 21ST St., $105,000, (8/31).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 1825 W. Whitehall St., $127,000, (8/31).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 1929 W. Greenleaf St., $126,000, (8/31).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 2010 W. Livingston St., $125,000, (8/31).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 2012 W. Livingston St., $130,000, (8/31).

Cha, Youme and Cha, Yvonne from Peiffer Collection LLC and Peiffer, Dan, 815 N. Sixth St., $240,000, (7/31).

City Center Investment Corp. from Pennsylvan­ia Commonweal­th Of, Department Of General Services and Pennsylvan­ia Commonweal­th Of Department Of General Services, 1600 Hanover Ave., $5,500,000, (7/18).

Duran, Mike and Ruiz, Valeria from Swiezak, Jeffrey E. and Swiezak, Edmund K., 932 Whittier Dr., $284,900, (8/31).

Galvan, Yanitza from Hakim, Shawky, 129 W. Allen St., $225,000, (9/7).

Good Community Properties LLC from Roliz, John C., 2239 W. Washington St., $190,000, (9/5).

Harimenshi, Richard and Nduwimana, Liliane from Santiago, Mailyn, Echevarria, Mailyn Santiago, Garcia Muniz, Anibal, Muniz, Anibal Garcia and Santiago Echevarria, Mailyn, 1421 E. Livingston St., $293,850, (8/31).

Henriquez, Jose from Solomon, Khadijah, 211 N. Jane St., $305,000, (8/30).

Hey Offer LLC from Troxell, Monica M. and Chickilly, Marc A., 339 S. Saint Elmo St., $2,500, (8/28).

Himmelwrig­ht, Nicole and Norris, Justin from Burkley, John L. and Stevens, Warren

J., 2126 W. Highland St., $310,000, (8/21). House Innovation LLC from Grow Nova Invest LLC, Hernandez, Jesus Tadeo

Vargas, Vargas Hernandez, Jesus Tadeo, Tadeo Vargas Hernandez, Jesus and Grow Nova Investment­s LLC, 817 N. Eighth St., $153,648, (8/31).

Ideal Management Group LLC from Ag Investment­s 5 LLC and Ginsburg, Andrew, 1829 W. Washington St., $135,000, (9/6). Kingsley, Lawrence H. from Yaindl, Gloria A. and Yaindl, Eric S., 1931 E. Tremont St., $270,000, (8/31).

Lopez, Rokelvy J. Tejada, Volquez, Edieth A. Gonzalez, Tejada Lopez, Rokelvy J. and Gonzalez Volquez, Edieth A. from Rosario, Amarilis, 524 N. Saint Elmo St., $207,000, (8/31).

Marcano, Ramon and Marcano, Sheila from Lacava, Tara L., 544 S. Ott St., $275,000, (8/28).

Marmol, Daniel Antonio, Collado, Teresa Brito and Brito Collado, Teresa from Hill, Martha L., 830 N. Maxwell St., $280,000, (8/24).

Marte, Gilbert from Aoun, Alice and Aoun, Alain, 806 1/2 N. Ninth St., $276,000, (9/1). Marte, Gilbert from Aoun, Alice and Aoun, Alain, 806 N. Ninth St., $276,000, (9/1). Mercado, Fransisco Ayala and Ayala Mercado, Fransisco from Cooke, Kay Charlotte and Rehrig, Susan, 923 1/2 E. Sycamore St., $100,000, (8/31).

Nunez, Argenis A. Romano, Nunez, Lisbeth and Romano Nunez, Argenis A. from

Uhl, Susan, Beck, Robert, Beck, Janet I. and Beck, Janet Irene, 212 E. Tioga St., $267,000, (9/6).

Omer, Sanaa and Qureshi, Omer A. from Hewage, Nishani, 713 Blue Heron Dr., $256,000, (8/31).

Payano Quezada, Luis, Quezada, Luis Payano, Altagracia Peralta De Payano, Yermy, Altagracia­peraltadep­ayano, Yermy, Altagracia Peraltadep­ayano, Yermy, Altagracia Peralta Depayano, Yermy, Peralta Depayano, Yermy Altagracia, Peralta De Payano, Yermy Altagrac from Althouse, Stephen M., 922 N 28TH St., $250,000, (9/1). Pratt, Jonathan, Pratt, Caroline D. and Pratt, Karen L. from Heimbach, Gail A., 2803 W.

Greenleaf St., $370,000, (8/31).

ReNtal N 8TH LLC from Nova, Rafael Jr., 109 N 11TH St., $131,500, (8/31).

Rodriguez, Cesar Augusto, Payero, Angela S. Beltre, Beltre Payero, Angela S. and Augusto Rodriguez, Cesar from Corsino, Christine L., 324 E. Susquehann­a St., $260,000, (9/1).

Serrano, Francisco A. from Capece, David S., 240 N 12TH St., $217,000, (8/31).

Skahill, Virginia Lynn from Canturiano, Melvin, 1117 S 10TH St., $215,000, (9/1).

Tto Properties LLC from Saed, Issa, 924 E. Linden St., $370,000, (8/30).

Vaknin, Yossef Shimon from Moreira, Jason, 526 W. Gordon St., $231,000, (8/28).


Escalet, Jesenia and Powell, Perry Allen from R & J Penn Properties LLC and Jasinski, Christine, 1711 W. Union Blvd., $272,900, (8/25).

Kaczmarek, Francis Joseph and Kaczmarek, Susan from Ignacio, Antigua and Ignacio, Domingo, 1207 Stanford Rd., $415,000, (9/1).

Miranda, Victor A. from Sung, Yong Jae, 1938 Glendale Ave., $135,204, (8/24). Wozniak, Cassandra from Handwerk, Patricia and Handwerk, Taylor, 345 Franklin St., $355,000, (8/28).


Pritt, Joseph and Pritt, Christy from Hidalgo, Odranoele M. and Anderson, Odranoele M., 310 N. Main St., $187,000, (9/8).


Augustine Boateng and Boateng, Augustine from Stevens, Jayne K., 47 N. Second St., $250, (9/8).

Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 214 S. Front St., $147,000, (8/31).

Thatcher, Joshua from Molchany, Jacob

J., Molchany Revocable Living Trust Dated November 9 1999, Jacob R., Molchany Revocable Living Trust Dated November 9 1999, Mary T., Molchany, Jacob R. Revocable Living Trust and Molchany, Mary T. Revocable Living Trust, 160 Maple St., $250,000, (9/6).


Rynd, Stephen and Tiourin, Ludmila from Fields At Indian Creek LLC and Koze, Richard M. Jr., 3520 Gentlewind Way, $581,583, (8/25).


Ibeh, Nneamaka from Martin, Dolores D. and Martin, Michael T., 1112 Moravia St., $231,000, (9/1).


Buckley, Jeffrey A. Jr. from Qureshi, Abdul W. and Qureshi, Shahida, 2049 Rolling Meadow Dr., $430,000, (8/31).

Decker, Linda B. and Decker, Richard from Haas, Terry J. and Haas, Barbara Elizabeth, 5788 Tavistock Ln., $359,000, (8/31). Kemmerer, Wayne and Lowe, Elizabeth from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 4445 Driftwood Ln., $430,000, (8/31).

Smith, Elijah Matthew from Martinez, Deanna J., 7103 Heather Rd., $290,000, (8/22).


Bahrt, Jason M. from Suarez, Jacob D. and Bahrt, Jason M., 6881 Whitetail Ct., $506,704, (8/28).

Barnes, Jeffrey David and Barnes, Linda Marie from Sell, Arthur C., Sacks Dr., $120,000, (9/1).


Felix, Lauren Eva from Oc 12 LLC and CJSR Management Inc., 79 S. Church St., $300,000, (8/30).


Douty, Kyle D. and Douty, Amanda L. from Kara, Scott J. and Kara, Jessica L., 5452 Amanda Dr., $525,000, (8/18).

Marzuoli, Nicholas and Marzuoli, Kathryn from Sandherr, Robert J. and Sandherr, Patricia A., 4649 York Dr., $590,000, (9/1). Memorial Road LLC from Watson, Vicki L. and Watson, Betty L., 5400 Riverview Rd., $600,000, (8/30).

Rampulla, Joseph and Rampulla, Christina from Stephan, Sherri A., 5065 Oakland Rd., $480,000, (9/1).

Sandherr, Robert J. from Marzuoli, Nicholas S., Sandherr, Kathryn E. and Marzuoli, Kathryn E., 2639 Old Post Rd., $250,000, (9/1).


Quezada Valdez, Salvador Antonio, Valdez, Salvador Antonio Quezada, Tejadadequ­ezada, Sandra Jacqueline, Tejada Dequezada, Sandra Jacqueline, Tejada De Quezada, Sandra Jacqueline, De Quezada,

Sandra Jacqueline Tejada, Dequezada, Sandra Jacqueline Tejada an from Wuench, Thomas G. and Wuench, Thomas G. Jr., 1659 Broadway, $265,000, (9/5).

Reiner, Robert, Keighley, Brittany and

Mello, Jane L. from Shanoski, Dayna M., 3119 Capital St., $302,500, (8/25). Updegrove, Daniel R. from Lighting, Christophe­r P., 818 Nantucket Cir., $301,000, (8/31).


Gasser, Jon Christophe­r, Nichols Gasser, Nicole Elizabeth and Gasser, Nicole Elizabeth Nichols from Cox, Thomas C. II and Cox, Alyssa K., 1740 Valley Forge Rd., $495,000, (8/29).

Hernandez, Karla F. Vences, Garcia, Juan M. Lopez, Lopez Garcia, Juan M. and Vences Hernandez, Karla F. from Distasio, Marnie R. and Weiss, Jarrett, 4047 W. Walnut St., $351,500, (8/29).

Iniquez, Wilson Oswaldo, Smith, Christina Marie and Oswaldo Iniquez, Wilson from Kerr, Garow W. and Kerr, Ann M., 908 Glick Ave., $340,000, (9/7).

Kluxen, Amy E. from Simon, Alicia A., 5283 Chandler Way, $350,000, (9/1).

Mattiola, Vincent Valentino, Lewis, Megan Elizabeth and Valentino Mattiola, Vincent from Burdett, Jesse J., 3552 Broadway, $385,000, (9/5).


7035 Schantz Road Aampa LLC and Seventy Thirty Five (7035 )schantz Road Aampa LLC from 7035 LLC, Seventy Thirty Five (7035) LLC and Walsh, Thomas, 7035 Schantz Rd., $5,200,000, (8/28).

Carpenter, Margaret Weston and Carpenter, Tyler Clift from Schlauch, Richard W. and Schlauch, Margaret D., 9263 Schantz Rd., $335,000, (8/31).

Ellis, Kenyauna Daejanique from Warke, Jesse and Warke, Jena, 9340 Newtown Rd., $318,000, (8/30).

Guzel, Zeynep from D. R. Horton Inc. New Jersey, DR Horton Inc. New Jersey and Horton Inc. New Jersey, D. R., 8102 Century Blvd., $452,920, (11/15).

Lowry, Cheryl M. from Morein, Kayleigh M., 8104 Cross Creek Cir. W., $349,550, (8/24). NVR Inc. from Jaindl Land Co., 1514 Jays Run, $650,880, (9/1).

Wehr, Christophe­r R., Wehr, Kari A., Stapola, Dennis A. and Stapola, Kathleen A. from Sywensky, Terry, Haasadahl Rd., $165,000, (9/1).


Collins, Gerald R. and Collins, Devyn L. from Schwenk, Jerry H. Jr., 2973 Main Rd. E., $323,000, (9/6).

Strasburge­r, John and Strasburge­r, Samantha from Ruben, Sharon A. and Ruben, Richard S. Jr., 6111 Woodlawn Dr., $470,000, (8/23).


Flamm, Michael from Ranton, Jennifer, 4488 Cumorah Ave., $565,000, (8/14).

Gonzalez, Matthew and Gonzalez, Helen from Tuskes Homes Inc., 2505 Stonewall Dr., $1,248,699, (9/6).

Hosier, Robert and Arnowitt, Linda from

Toa Locust Valley LLC, 5459 Traditions Dr., $788,628, (9/5).

James, Joseph and James, Patricia from Goss Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated September 29 2006, William S.,

Goss Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated Sepember 29 2008, Marsha A., Goss, William S. Revocable Living Trust Agrt,

Goss, Marsha A. Revocable Living Trust

Agrt, Goss, William S., 1722 Flint Hill Rd., $506,500, (8/31).

Schummer, Patricia A. from Toa Locust Valley LLC, 5563 Traditions Dr., $910,901, (7/27).

Sullivan, James from Toa Locust Valley LLC, 5586 Traditions Dr., $570,282, (9/5).


Rohrbach, Benjamin from Granger, Albert L., 8602 Mohr Ln., $150,000, (8/31).


Bulldog Property Network LLC from Whitaker, Kathleen A., 4258 Roosevelt St., $240,000, (8/31).

Cedar Crest Services LLC from Hoti, Liridon, 5221 Second St., $618,000, (9/7).

Koller, Tyler J. from Al Bajali, Amjad and Albajali, Amjad, 3004 N. Second St., $205,000, (8/31).

Mohr, Cynthia L. from Khan, Zotah and Ysa, Zarah, 4133 Scheidys Rd., $385,000, (8/31). Muccio, Brian and Muccio, Bridget from Case, Carl E., Case, Carl E. Sr., Case, Jon and Case, Jon S., 1237 Davies Dr., $310,000, (9/1).

Trower, Aubrey R. from NVR Inc., 4226 Mimosa Ln., $395,205, (8/22).

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