The Morning Call (Sunday)




Ayoub, James R. and Ayoub, Audrey A. from U. S. Bank National Associatio­n, PHH Mortgage Corporatio­n and PHH Mortgage Services, 89 Old Carriage Rd., $185,050, (8/15).

NVR Inc. from Towpath Estates LLC, 543 & 541 Delta Rd., $82,400, (8/31).


Silva, Cassandra and Santos-Silva, Guilherme A. from Brunell, Shelby and Behler, Shelby L., 272 Race St., $240,000, (8/30).


Cole, Sheldon from Kossis, Eustratios N. and Kossis, Laraine L., 2308 Easton Ave., $235,000, (8/30).

D. & E. Oz LLC from Cincis, Jeffrey and Cincis, Jeffery, 740 William St., $52,500, (8/29).

Dimopoulos, Harry G. and Dimopoulos,

Carol L. from Yoder, Barry W. and Riegel, Thomas P., 1928 Carriage Knoll Dr., $845,000, (9/5).

Erming Tuo and Yajing Liu Revocable Trust Dated April 10 2018, Tuo, Erming and Yajing Liu Revocable Trust Dated April 10 21018, Tuo, Erming and Liu, Yajing from Arne, Christophe­r N. and Arne, Susan Catherine, 450 Carlton Ave., $315,000, (9/5).

Griffin, James III from Seventh Haven L.P., 11 W. Second St., $193,000, (8/24).

J & K Real Estate Management LLC from Rivera, Carmen, 1450 E. Sixth St., $301,500, (8/30).

Lombardo, Robert B. and Said, Dalia from Rampulla, Joseph R. III and Slack, Melody

A., 1643 Finches Garden Rd., $324,000, (8/31).

Martinez-Gracida, Sergio and Martinez, Anamely V. from Layne, Sonia and Layne, Granville, 712 E. Sixth St., $145,000, (7/17). Morales, Angel and Hernandez, Minerva from Gestl, Russell R. and Gestl, Russell S., 3155 Patterson Dr., $350,000, (8/28).

Myers, Fatimah and Ingram, Reginald from Deleon, Nikki and Kulanko, Nikki Deleon, 1630 North Blvd., $258,100, (9/1).

Pierce ST LLC from Estate of Schroettne­r, Eleanor M., Kramer, Christina and Pizza, Mary Beth, 527 E. Packer Ave., $250,000, (9/5).

Pierce ST LLC from Gonzalez, Jose, 623 Hillside Ave., $95,000, (9/5).

Pierce ST LLC from Park, Hyoungjoon and Lee, Youngkyu, 612 & 620 Pierce St., $650,000, (9/5).

Pierce ST LLC from Park, Hyoungjoon and Lee, Youngkyu, 618 Pierce St., $325,000, (9/5).

Rossetti, Frank from Wojcicki, Randy M., 1608 Lansdale Ave., $261,500, (8/31). Sonryan LLC from Bugyi, Christophe­r M., 1522 Elayne St., $235,250, (8/23).

Valdez, Demetrio and Abreu, Belkis Dolores Rodriguez from Duong, Hoi Phuoc and Le, Dieu-Ngan Thi, 2332 Clermont St., $310,000, (8/31).

Weseloh, Robert L. and Weseloh, Corinne L. from Anne B. Beste Revocable Agreement Of Trust Dated November 5 1998, Beste, Anne B. Revocable Agreement Of Trust Dated November 5 1998 and Beste, Anne B., 1043 Stone Stack Dr., $580,000, (8/29). Yg Campus LLC from Mamounas, John S.,

Mamounas, Stamatia and Mamounas, Stacy S., 408 Carlton Ave., $200,000, (3/21).


Anthony, John from Modernel, Hector J., 4420 Crosswinds Dr., $600,000, (8/31). Eichelberg­er, Barry from Estate of Achey, Jean G., Estate of Achey, J. Pearl and Achey, Sharon Kay, 3431 Blue Ridge Dr., $326,000, (8/30).

Firman, John from Gombocz, Marian P.,

3240 Oakland Square Dr., $269,000, (8/31). Gonzalez, Jose Jr. and Gonzalez, Brenda Blanco from Gomez-Guerra, Ramon, Herrera-Gomez, Anllely and Gomez, Anllely Herrera-, 3301 Reeve Dr. E., $330,000, (8/18).

James, Beatrice from Schubert Family Trust, Dougherty, Laurie A., Schubert, Robert F. and Creyer, Susan J., 3330 Highfield Cir., $492,000, (8/31).

McDonell, Sherry L. from Jacob, Thomas L., 3739 Washington St., $325,000, (8/31). Millstone Holdings LLC from Cobb, Darren S., 4865 Country Top Ct., $456,000, (8/21). Moyer, Abbie Hughes from Anthony, John, 4757 Rafi Rd., $467,500, (9/5).

Paccione, Anthony and Paccione, Carli from Swiss, Josephine, 1823 Merlot Dr., $440,000, (8/31).

Singh, Harjot from Kay River Hills LLC, 1761 Charley Ln., $431,950, (8/24).

Taylor, Sydney from Estate of Beier, Joseph M. and Keller, Scott, 3060 Millstone Dr., $225,000, (8/30).

Tomasino, Francis Jr. and Tomasino, Gina M. from Toa Green Pond L. P. and Toa Green Pond Advisors LLC, 3743 Founders Xing, $602,037, (9/5).


Della Ragione, Ciro from Reimer, Karen E., W. Beil Ave., $274,900, (8/17).

Olson, Jordan E. and Olson, Joanna M. from TMC Management Corporatio­n, 206 Scenic Ct., $1,162,477, (8/24).


Acevedo, Johnny Alejandro from Ramirez, Edwin O. Cardenas, 418 N 12TH St., $160,000, (8/31).

Chudin, Sergey and Chudina, Chloe Ann from Porter, Jeffrey A., Porter, Kenneth A. and Porter, Laureston R. III, 115 S. Seventh St., $225,000, (8/17).

Lafayette College from Landaff Enterprise­s LLC, 525 Monroe St., $2,700,000, (8/31). Packard Boo Roxanne LLC from 1458 Packard LLC, 736 Jordan LLC, 15TH Packard LLC and Hillside Capital LLC, 1458 Northampto­n ST, 15TH St., $2,700,000, (8/17).

Riera, Arnol from Hartranft, Walter G., 830 W. Grant St., $260,000, (8/30).

Shira Re Limited Liability Company from Sanchez, Alicia, 230 Vista Dr., $79,000, (9/3).

Stocker, Kevin Richard and Stocker, Lynn from Beidleman, Margie A., 720 Porter St., $250,000, (8/31).

Ulloa, Maria Ventura Cabrera from Sattepo Samarkand LLC, 433 Line St., $242,000, (8/31).


Abuhakmeh, Hazim and Ghamin, Ataf from

Estate of Fuica, Manuel S., Szkarlatiu­k,

Mary Ann and Szkarlatiu­k, Karen, 2620 Hickory Dr., $369,900, (8/25).

Borrero, Sandra Evette and Borrero, Melissa from Smith, Ian D., 1490 Falwood Dr., $441,000, (8/31).

Herman, Joshua J. and Herman, Karen May from Burton E. Brewer Sr. and Adele Brewer Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated 04/25/2001, Brewer, Burton E. Sr. and Adele Brewer Revocable Living Trust Agreement Dated 04/25/2001 and Brewer, Burton E.

Sr., 2600 Ben Jon Rd., $372,000, (8/29). Kauffman, Thomas and Kauffman, Donna from Gary J. Strausser Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC and Strausser, Gary J. Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC, 2518 Napa Dr., $601,725, (8/31).

McNamara, Michael R. and McNamara, Kathleen M. from Gary J. Strausser Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC and Strausser, Gary J. Homebuilde­rs At Riverview II LLC, 2454 Burgundy Ln., $651,230, (8/10).

Paleti, Shasank from Gary J. Strausser

Home Builders At Riverview II LLC and Strausser, Gary J. Home Builders At Riverview II LLC, 885 Iron Ln., $440,000, (8/17). Petty, Richard J. from Estadt, Deborah A. and Muschock, Curtis J., 736 Arndt Rd., $275,000, (9/1).

Pulley, Scott from Goldenberg, Rebekah S. and Lauten, Hans, 602 Apple Blossom Rd., $130,000, (8/30).

Reynolds, Karen M. from McKee, Laura A., 2614 Meadow Lane Dr., $472,000, (8/21). Singh, Tarlok from Parker, William, Parker, Carol Rose and Parker, Bradford Scott, 2543 Chestnut Ln., $320,000, (8/3).

Smith, Alan and Causa, Marina from Town Center Homes LLC, 210 Huntington Ln., $260,000, (8/29).

Smith, Jessica A. and Polgar, Karine Stevie from Noll, Nathan D., Kemmerer, Emma B. and Noll, Emma B., 608 Red Fox Ln., $440,000, (8/30).


Cadely, Josye from West, Darin H. and West, Kathy M., 4545 Greenfield Rd., $520,000, (8/31).

Cruz, Juan Antonio Aguirre, De Aguirre, Maria Elena Cruz and Michel, Juan Antonio Aguirre from Quinones, Richard and Quinones, Sonia, 6730 American Way, $439,000, (8/31).

Laghrour, Nazim and Guentri, Hadjer Zohra from Norris, Pamela M., 4608 Greenfield

Rd., $450,000, (8/30).

SV Properties Management LLC from Estate of Pike, William C. and Havassy, James Adam, 3709 & 3710 Fairview St., $290,000, (9/1).

Wright, Robert Scott and Wright, Michelle Therese from Darcy, Thomas F. and Cannon, Michelle C., 707 Yorkshire Rd., $520,000, (9/7).


Krchnavi, Karlee Rae from Harman, Alex and Harman, Leandra, 621 Bishops Pl., $385,000, (8/30).

Matthews, John W. from Ladd, David A. and Ladd, Denise M., Cedar Dr., $80,000, (8/31).


Morris, Rebecca from Darnell, Jean E., 4935

Lower Mud Run Rd., $276,000, (8/31).


Park, Hyoungjoon, Lee, Youngkyu, Park, Jenn Jaehyun, Park, Brian Byounghyun and Park, Sarah Saehyun from Estate of Kuhns, Grace Alina, Senick, Joanne Edna and Kuhns, Joanne E., 4415 Hecktown Rd., $273,500, (8/21).

Schreck, Timothy D. and Schreck, Erika J. from Bussenger, Stephen, Bussenger, Christal and Smith, Christal, 4496 Cottonwood Dr., $455,000, (8/17).


Brackenbur­y, Terri Ann from Miraglia, Paul, 1930 Pine Ct., $280,000, (9/1).

Buffalo Plaza LLC from Stires, Leonard R. Jr., 1865 Leithsvill­e Rd., $350,000, (8/30).

Cody, Francis M. from Kunsman, Barry E. and Kunsman, Linda C., 2696 Rustic Ln., $535,000, (9/5).

D. & B. Restoratio­ns LLC from Estate of Gerstenber­g, Nancy L. and Gerstenber­g, Rick L., 2470 Apple St., $130,000, (8/21).


Childs, Christophe­r and Magee, Susan L. from Snover, Judith A., 2896 Sickle Rd., $440,000, (8/30).

Watson, Edward and Watson, Nicole from Papineau, Paul J., Papineau, Maria T. and Papineau, Justin P., 2139 Amlisa Rd., $400,000, (8/11).


Garcia, Alejandra Alarcon from Creveling, Harry C. Jr. and Creveling, Cheryl L., 130 S. Fairview St., $270,000, (8/31).

Williams, Olamide Elliott from Peoples Property LLC, 37 & 39 Mauch Chunk St., $370,000, (9/1).


223 Eugene Street Partners LLC from Gyory, Thomas R., 223 Eugene St., $680,000, (8/26).

Arw Holdings LLC from Estate of Gioielli, John R., Luckenbach, Jennifer and Gioielli, Ralph John, Lincoln Ave., $65,000, (8/30). Balberdy, Anthony Cruz and Torres, Daryan M. from NVR Inc., 810 Blackheath Ln., $509,590, (8/28).

Feliz, Reymy M. Cuevas and Terrero, Josefina Feliz De from Smith, Adam J., 417 Buttonwood St., $244,000, (8/29). Schanbache­r, Murray A. from Warnke, Benjamin and Parker, Emily, 1001 Third St., $349,000, (9/1).


Akca, Osman and Akca, Ziynet from S. & D. Land Developmen­t LLC, 647 Sipos Dr., $384,900, (8/21).

Conley, Adam M. and Conley, Jennifer T. from Strunk, Mark R. Jr. and Strunk, Lindsey J., 1806 Portland St., $411,000, (6/27).

Frey, Kasey and O’Donnell, Colin from Bare, Cheryl L. and Bare, Jerald L., 616 Buckingham Dr., $431,500, (8/31).

Holben, Drew from Dodge, Bonnie L., 1616 Lincoln Ave., $250,000, (8/30).

Limbach, Brenna A. and Coker, Kevon A. from Polyansky, Alexander, 331 E. Ninth St., $245,000, (8/21).

Moyer, Jesse from Grace United Church Of Christ, 912 Lincoln Ave., $135,000, (9/6). Sigafoos, Cheyanne from Wallis, Matthew and Wallis, Tara M., 1904 Washington Ave., $225,000, (8/29).

Wirth-Granlund, Larisa and Granlund, Larisa Wirth- from Haas, Karen, 340 Main St., $260,000, (8/31).

Yrc Capital LLC from Wiessner, Karen M., 1563 Washington Ave., $310,000, (9/6).


Attarian, Denise and Attarian, Martin from Guiducci, Vincent A., 234 Stephanie Dr., $560,000, (8/31).

BBC Investment Holdings LLC from

Brandau, Betty Lee, 2718 & 2720 Freemansbu­rg Ave., $320,000, (8/19).

Dalla Piazza, Tyler Elias from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 3 Timber TRL, $385,020, (8/22). Dev Management Inc. from Inge, Andrew V. and Inge, Pamela M., 3442 Nazareth Rd., $485,000, (8/30).

Espinal, Cesar and Montilla, Jusitn Daniel Espinal from Maldonado, Juan and Maldonado, Carmen, 901 Milford St., $310,000, (8/28).

Gray, Brian and Pueraro, Diane from Smolow, Roslyne B. and Smolow, Mitchell, 2449 Woodridge Ter., $325,000, (8/22).

Groff Real Estate Investment­s LLC and Ragab and Abdalla Partners from Greene, Allan F., 2703 Spring Garden St., $332,000, (8/21).

Khanna, Mudit and Dutta, Shilpa from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 135 Scotty Dr., $355,395, (8/25).

Knight, Michelle from Blasko, Joshua M., 2701 Nazareth Rd., $240,000, (8/18). Michlik, Susan from Kukuy, Kristina M. and Kelly, Kristina M., 117 Scotty Dr., $420,000, (8/29).

Orlando, Adrianna Mary and Moir, Hannah Kristine from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 137 Scotty Dr., $376,895, (8/30).

Pugh, Sheila and Pugh, Rashidah from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 5 Timber TRL, $374,395, (8/22).

Santiago, Luis and Santiago, Stephanie from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 1 Timber TRL, $457,620, (8/21).

Sartori, Tyler and Denardo, Michael from Holtz-Puglia, Joan S., Puglia, Joan S. Holtzand Puglia, Vincent, 444 Stones Crossing Rd., $427,000, (8/30).

Schnecker, Nancy D. from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 131 Scotty Dr., $379,395, (8/28). Thomas, Taryn M. from Wolfs Run Land LLC, 7 Timber TRL, $426,895, (8/24).

Velazquez, Aaron from Mangle, Allison and Pleiss, Allison, 3101 Vermont St., $250,000, (9/7).

Walther, Debbie L. from Wolfs Run Land

LLC, 133 Scotty Dr., $355,395, (9/5).


Ferreira, Jose from Carr, George, 5 Pen

Argyl St., $230,000, (8/31).

Gonzalez, Sandra Luisa and Gutierrez, Pedro Gonzalez from Ashenfalde­r, Bruce J., Ashenfalde­r, Lorraine R. and Pysher, Lorraine R., 408 William St., $200,000, (9/1).

Meyers Uliana Realty LLC from Tanczos, Erika, 37 E. Pennsylvan­ia Ave., $145,000, (8/28).


Costanzo, Jason and Costanzo, Caitlin from Colona, John M., Colona, Kathleen Porter and Colona, Kate M., 5950 Shady Ln., $412,500, (8/24).

Demuccio, Daniel from Meyer, Stephen J., 939 Constituti­on Ave., $288,000, (9/8).


Cirincione, Gary from McNamara, Sherri L., Moletress, Sherri L. and McNamara, Bryan, 512 Garibaldi Ave., $189,900, (7/25).


Dmitriev, Vitaly from US Bank Trust National Associatio­n, Newrez LLC and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, 23 Summerfiel­d Dr., $470,000, (8/4).

Doran, Kathleen A. and Doran, Harold G. from Thomas, Kyle and Thomas, Lisa, 1789 MT Bethel Hwy, $251,100, (8/31).

Houston, John and Houston, Tarren from Bello, Andrea Marie, 460 Five Points-Richmond Rd., $379,900, (8/29).

Nansteel, Terrence and Nansteel, Lisa from Laforest, Jocelyn, 608 Five Points-Richmond Rd., $430,000, (8/31).


Holden, Adam D. from Bartolacci, Paulette M., 524 City View Dr., $600,000, (9/1). Kowit, Alexander and Kowit, Rachel from Ott, Stefanie L. and Ott, Sean, 429 E. Lawn Rd., $342,000, (8/21).


Butler, Brooke and Butler, Jesse David from Ceci, Katrina M. and Farkas, Katrina, 912 Lincoln Ave., $300,000, (8/21).

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP S. & K. Framing Contractor­s LLC from Hester At Washington LLC, 759 Emerald Valley Ln., $100,000, (8/15). WILSON

Aridi, Bassam from Cozze, Richard A., 1609 Spruce St., $328,000, (9/1).

Nuzzi, Lisa M. and West, Ronald D. from Feliciano, Jennifer M., 2422 Sycamore St., $204,700, (9/8).

Ortiz-Carrillo, Yamil Omar and Gutierrez, Angie L. Dubon from Estate of Powell, Ralph F. and Happel, Deborah A., 1615 Butler St., $217,000, (9/7).

Ruf, Mark T. and Ruf, Katie from Eichelberg­er, Barry L., 425 S 19TH St., $295,000, (8/30).

SMM Investment­s LLC from Reiss, Stanford F. Jr. and Reiss, Nicole, 1541 Lehigh St., $85,000, (9/1).


Crossroads Ox LLC from Green Knight Economic Developmen­t Corporatio­n, Green Knight Dr., $54,900, (9/1).

Kemmerer, Nolan R. from Estate of Kessler, Chester G. Jr. and Kessler, Richard A., 54 W. Second St., $75,000, (8/31).

Sciascia, James III from Tluczek, Marzena and Tluczek, Stanislawa, 389 N. Broadway, $62,500, (8/29).

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