Shut­down proves Trump’s dis­con­nec­tion to real world

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Pres­i­dent Trump’s petu­lant in­sis­tence on a bor­der wall, be­sides ev­i­dence that it would not stop the flow of drugs or ter­ror­ists as he claims, shows his dis­con­nect from the real world.

He is harm­ing 800,000 fed­eral work­ers, many of whom live pay­check to pay­check. Mean­while home­land se­cu­rity, air safety, food in­spec­tions, food stamps, sci­en­tific re­search, the Coast Guard, im­mi­gra­tion courts and en­force­ment, fed­eral courts, and na­tional parks are or will be com­pro­mised, and the fi­nan­cial aid for farm­ers af­fected by his tar­iffs can­not be pro­cessed.

If Trump and his sup­port­ers are so in­sis­tent on the need for a bor­der wall, let’s see them step up and fund the wall with a GoFundMe cam­paign. If he has the sup­port he claims he does, then it should just take a cou­ple of hours to raise the funds.

Bruce Wil­son Up­per Sau­con Town­ship

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