Car­pet likes to roam the neigh­bor­hood

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Name: Charles Stoltz

Home­town: Eas­ton

Type of pet: Cat

Name: Car­pet

Age: Ap­prox­i­mately 17 years

Breed: Do­mes­tic Short­hair

Gen­der: Fe­male

Why she is my friend: She came into our lives one night when she was just a stray. She has shown us what won­der­ful pets cats can be.

In four words: Smart, lov­able, in­de­pen­dent, loud. Best trait: She’s good at get­ting our at­ten­tion when she wants some­thing.

Per­son­al­ity: Friendly and out­go­ing.

A funny story: We found out just re­cently that for years Car­pet has been go­ing to another fam­ily for food and shel­ter. They love her also. One time she also came home with some­one else’s col­lar on her.

Loves: Back rubs.

Tricks: Jump­ing up on a kitchen stool for a treat. Ex­er­cise: Roam­ing around the neigh­bor­hood. Nick­names: Bad­car­pet.

Shows af­fec­tion by: Rub­bing you with her head. Can usu­ally be found: On our pa­tio fur­ni­ture.

Likes to be rubbed: On her head and back.

Fa­vorite toy: Plas­tic bot­tle caps and bread ties. Fa­vorite treat: Friskies treats.

Afraid of: Dogs.

Worst habit: Scratch­ing the fur­ni­ture.

Health scares: None.

Fa­vorite sleep­ing spot: All beds, chairs, and ta­bles. Fa­vorite an­i­mal friend: None.

Strange but true: She has brought live an­i­mals into the house.


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