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■ Plant pan­sies for fall color and, if you select win­ter pan­sies, early spring blooms.

■ Asters and mums are avail­able, buy now for best se­lec­tion; use ei­ther in the gar­den or as part of a con­tainer dis­play.

■ Sow seeds for fall flow­ers and fo­liage: pan­sies, snap­drag­ons, mus­tard, cab­bage and kale.

■ Plant but pro­tect from heat: late-sea­son cab­bage, car­rots, cauliflowe­r, peas, and broc­coli for late sum­mer or early fall har­vest.


■ Al­low the fi­nal flush of flow­ers to go to seed. Many pro­vide food for the birds and small mam­mals dur­ing the fall and win­ter.

■ Take cut­tings of those an­nu­als that you want to win­ter over or other fa­vorite plants that have grown too big to move in­doors.

■ Or­der as­para­gus, rhubarb, bulbs, flower and fruit plants, and shrubs for fall plant­ing.

■ Shop nurs­eries for end-of-sea­son bar­gains or new fall ar­rivals.


■ Seed, over­seed, de­thatch and aer­ate lawns Septem­ber through mid-Oc­to­ber.

■ Ap­ply broadleaf weed con­trol, Septem­ber through mid-Oc­to­ber.

■ In­stall sod as the weather cools, Septem­ber and Oc­to­ber.

■ Treat for chinch bugs and sod web­worms.


■ Stop wa­ter­ing amaryl­lis bulbs. Al­low the bulbs to dry out and go dor­mant. Store in a cool dry area un­til they re­sprout in about 8 to 10 weeks.

■ Start plan­ning for fall. Or­der bulb and plants for early fall ship­ment.

■ Check seed in­ven­tory for late crops and fall plant­ing.

■ Get plants ready to bring in. Re­pot those that need it and pot up those you want to win­ter over in­doors.

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