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YOUR DAILY BREAK | | 3 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 MORNINGJOURNAL.COM B ASK AMY FOR BETTER OR WORSE: By Lynn Johnston Sad, isolated young girl needs family love ask her, “Can you describe how you are feeling?” If she is inarticulate or silent, don’t correct her. Reassure her and enfold her in her family’s embrace. Watch a favorite movie together. Go bowling and ice-skating. Put her first. If there are safe ways for her to see her mother, she should be offered this opportunity. Books will help her to process and tackle some of her sadness and worry. Give her some good, ageappropriate books to dive into (I highly recommend the site for book suggestions). Read together. A book for the adults to consider is: “The Worry Workbook for Kids: Helping Children to Overcome Anxiety and the Fear of Uncertainty (An Instant Help Book for Parents & Kids),” by Muniya S. Khanna and Deborah Roth (2018, Instant Help). If it’s possible, she should also see a counselor with experience in working with children. An independent, caring and supportive adult could coach her in ways to process and respond to her very big feelings. My great-niece is 11 years old. I’m very concerned about her. She’s lived with her grandparents (my younger brother’s family), since she was very young. She doesn’t really have much contact with her own mother or father (who split up years ago). She recently found out that her mother is pregnant by a new boyfriend and is going to have a baby girl. I asked my brother how my great-niece is handling this and he said, “Not very good.” He asked me for any advice. I told him that I wasn’t sure how to handle this. My concern is that she stays in her bedroom all the time and seems very withdrawn, depressed and unhappy. She used to be happy and smiling. Any help on how to handle this very difficult situation? — Worried Uncle Now is the time to surround this girl with love, affection and attention. You can probably imagine how conflicted and hurt she is feeling — her mother, who abandoned her, is now starting another family. This will revive every abandonment sadness she has ever had, and will likely introduce more feelings that she can’t articulate and doesn’t know how to handle. Her guardians should not let her isolate herself. Privacy is important for young adolescents, but isolation will contribute to her sadness. Everyone in the family should attempt to talk to her about this. Don’t assume she is happy about this news, and don’t force her toward a happy narrative (“Hey — you’re going to have a little sister!”). Instead, until I’m back in school or have a high-paying job? Please advise. — Prospective Law Student & Aspiring Actor DEAR AMY >> B.C.: By Mastronianni & Hart No, your parents should not provide you with a comfortable living while you get your act together. You’re on your own now. And this is what it feels like to be on our own. Law school might not be for you. For one thing, your own judgment and critical-thinking skills seem so faulty that you just don’t seem cut out for a career in the law (although your gaslighting skills would probably acquit you nicely). Acting, however, will allow you to inhabit fantasy and express your creativity. Acting is deep and hard work, however — and opportunities don’t present themselves unless and until you are ready to recognize and accept them. It’s time for you to experience the terror and joy of making your own way in the world. DEAR PROSPECTIVE >> Amy Dickinson DUSTIN: By Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker CRANKSHAFT: By Tom Batluk and Chuck Ayers “Experienced with Equine” corrected your use of the phrase “jumping at the bit” by saying that the correct phrase is “chomping at the bit.” I beg to differ! The correct phrase is “champing at the bit!” Anyone experienced with equine matters knows this. — Correcting the Correction DEAR WORRIED >> DEAR AMY >> MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM: By Mike Peters By way of introduction, let me introduce myself. My parents have been divorced for several years. They refuse to reconcile, and they refuse to let me live with either one of them. Most recently, they also decided against continuing to financially support me. I have been in and out of law school — most recently out — because I flunked out. What should I do with my life? Should my mother or father agree to take me back in, and/or financially support me so I can live comfortably DEAR AMY >> The beautiful thing about this is that I’ve heard from several hundred people who are deeply engaged and knowledgeable about both horses and language. My understanding is that both spellings are used. Thank you all. DEAR CORRECTING >> THE BORN LOSER: By Chip Sansom Contact Amy Dickinson via email at [email protected] FAMILY CIRCUS: MARMADUKE: By Bil Keane By Brad & Paul Anderson The Daily Commuter puzzle By Jacqueline E. Mathews ACROSS 1 Important family member 4 Sneezy, Happy or Grumpy 9 Rip-off scheme 13 Relocate 14 Mistake 15 Drifter 16 Biblical book 17 Imaginary; not factual 19 WWII president 20 Walkways 21 Relaxes 22 Criticizes harshly 24 Texter’s giggle 25 Notorious Al 27 Like a forest 30 Skillful 31 Ice cream portion 33 By way of 35 Brooches 36 Piece of silverware 37 Cry 38 Senator Cruz 39 Black suit 40 Jessica or Hope 41 Loan shark 43 Way of doing things 44 Disabled car’s need 45 __ Rica 46 Flower stalks 49 Baseball or rugby 51 Org. for Rockets & Raptors 54 Golfers’ tops 56 West or Sandler 57 Weapons 58 Thrill 59 Lunch spot 60 Trial run 61 Regal 62 Peculiar THOUGHT FOR TODAY “Life does not count by years. Some suffer a lifetime in a day, and so grow old between the rising and the setting of the sun.” — Augusta Jane Evans, American novelist (1835-1909) Created by Jacqueline E. Mathews 2/11/19 Sudoku Saturday’s Puzzle Solved 6 Part of the foot 7 Goes bad 8 When to say “TGIF”: abbr. 9 Protective plate 10 Dove sounds 11 Lie next to 12 Velvety green ground cover 13 Monogram for actor Fox 18 Group of Brownies 20 Breathe heavily 23 __ off; severs 24 Crazy as a __ 25 Crunch or Kangaroo: abbr. 26 “Bye, Pierre!” 27 Courts 28 Fair; impartial 29 San __, CA 31 __ on; incite 32 Corn on the __ 34 Ridiculed 36 Murdered 37 60-__ light bulb 39 Grouchy 40 In case Complete the grid so each row, column and 3-by-3 box (in bold borders) contains every digit 1to 9. Yesterday’s answer 2/11/19 ©2019 Tribune Content Agency, LLC All Rights Reserved. 49 Fodder storage tower 50 Minister’s advice 52 Never in need of shampoo 53 Toulouse friend 55 That woman 56 Hubbub 42 Maximum 43 Tidbit 45 Terra-__; roof tile material 46 Argument 47 __ off; left suddenly 48 Trees with grayish bark DOWN 1 Frame of mind 2 Blows one’s budget 3 Blanc or Brooks 4 Malign 5 Judge’s orders Puzzle schedule Monday: Wednesday: Friday: Very easy Tuesday: Very easy Easy Thursday: Medium Hard Saturday: Hard

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