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Police: Toddler left in car for 45 minutes

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A child was left for 45minutes in a car in Westlake while his father was shopping, an update to the June 8incident revealed.

A child was left for 45 minutes in a car in Westlake while his father was out shopping, an update to the June 8 incident revealed.

The incident occurred at 12:30 p.m., when Westlake police received a call from Crocker Park security about a child in a locked vehicle on the ground floor of the Main Street garage at Crocker Park, according to a Westlake police news release.

The temperatur­es that day were about 70 to 75 degrees with 50 percent humidity.

Officers also found a baggie of apparent marijuana in plain view locked inside with the baby.

Luckily, someone noticed the 14-month-old strapped in the back seat and alerted authoritie­s, the release said.

Officers arrived and unlocked the vehicle to free the child, who was crying, and to get him some fresh air.

The toddler was transporte­d to the hospital for evaluation.

While the officers were investigat­ing, the child’s father, a 23-year-old Cleveland man, returned to the vehicle with an Apple store bag.

He admitted he parked the vehicle and “completely forgot” his child in the back seat, the release stated.

The child was checked by the hospital and later released to his mother.

The father was arrested and charged with endangerin­g children, a firstdegre­e misdemeano­r, and possession of marijuana, a minor misdemeano­r.

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