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Board of trustees OKs use of naming rights

- By Zach Srnis zsrnis@morningjou­ @MJ_ZachSrnis on Twitter

Elyria Public Library System trustees have approved the use of naming rights for sections within the system.

The Elyria Public Library System Board of Trustees has approved the use of naming rights for different sections within the library system.

“The board approved the opportunit­y for folks in the community to invest in the libraries through naming rights,” said Lyn Crouse, director of the Elyria Public Library System. “It is an exciting part of the new projects we are moving forward with.”

Crouse said the idea for naming rights was something she put into practice when she was part of a group that was looking to build a library in Pennsylvan­ia.

“The library, Frank Sarris Public Library in Canonsburg, was difficult to get the money for because Pennsylvan­ia does not have state funding for libraries like Ohio does,” she said. “To help fund the $5.5 million for the library, we had naming rights purchased for different interior spaces and sections.

“The community really got behind it. People loved being able to have things named after themselves or people they knew. I loved seeing the community response for it, and it’s something I wanted to see for the Elyria libraries.”

Crouse said the response has been great here.

“We have already had over 20 naming rights approved by the board,” she said. “People have been excited and got the opportunit­y to honor someone by naming a space after them.

“We have had some service organizati­ons and Rotary Clubs that have already made pledges for sections; we have had some fun with it here.”

Crouse wanted to clarify what naming rights are available.

“These naming rights are not for the actual branch building names,” she said. “These are for sections within our libraries.

“These are for children’s rooms, teen department­s, meeting rooms and other spaces. The prices range from $1,000 to $50,000 based on the size of the space.”

For more informatio­n on naming rights that are still available and how to get a form to make a pledge, call 440-322-0244 or visit www.elyria.lib.

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