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Olivia Sperry-Salva


Name: Olivia Sperry-Salva

Age: 17

Nationalit­y: Ukrainian

Sponsor: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish of Lorain

Parents: Stephanie Galik and Luis Salva

High school: Amherst Steele High School

Future plans: In the future, I plan on attending Youngstown State University to major in criminal justice and minor in homeland security.

Costume: My head wreath (vinok) has seven different color ribbons and five different types of flowers. Each piece represents something different that is special to my culture. My beautifull­y embroidere­d vest and skirt are over 35 years old. My outfit has been passed down to me from my mother, who danced in the Ukrainian festivals when she was a child along with my aunts.

Favorite family or ethnic tradition: Two weeks before Christmas, all the cousins go to my grandmothe­r’s house and we cook deruny (potato pancakes) as a family.

Favorite native dish:

Varenyky (dumplings made with fillings such as mashed potatoes and fried onions). I wanted to be an Internatio­nal Princess because I want to enjoy the experience and share my culture with every other princess and the community.

I am blessed to represent my Ukrainian heritage in the Lorain Internatio­nal Festival. I am happy that I am able to share the traditions that have been handed down to me by my ancestors. I will make my family proud by sharing my beloved culture and be the first in my family to represent my heritage.

 ??  ?? Olivia Sperry-Salva
Olivia Sperry-Salva

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