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Amaya Staton


Name: Amaya Ann Staton

Age: 17

Nationalit­y: African American

Sponsor: Lorain County Urban League

Parents: Saunjula and Tarrence Staton

High school: Amherst Steele High School

Future plans: I plan on studying psychology at the college level while furthering my career in basketball.

Costume: The piece that I am wearing was inspired by the pagne fabric worn by traditiona­l Congolese women. Pagne was used to originally symbolize a person’s wealth, but later became a form of artistic expression. The deep blue signifies togetherne­ss and harmony. The yellow symbolizes the beauty and the preciousne­ss in the world.

The deep blue and yellow were chosen because over the years they have served as a guide for my life when facing difficult situations. Favorite family tradition: Dressing in our Sunday best on Easter and attending church. Favorite native dish: macaroni and cheese When I was younger, I felt like I didn’t have that fairy tale that most girls had because there was never really a princess who shared my race. I believe that, by becoming a Princess, I can be someone who young girls can look at and think, “Wow, if she’s a princess, then I can be one, too.”

I feel that owning up to my African American nationalit­y enables me to become more intertwine­d in my culture and the beauty that it has. Incorporat­ing certain traditions and customs that have grown and progressed through generation­s makes me want to share the infinite love and pleasure that I received from my race to my friends and the world around me.

 ??  ?? Amaya Staton
Amaya Staton

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