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Sophia Volak


Name: Sophia Alicea Volak

Age: 18

Sponsor: Mexican American Citizens Club

Parents: Jennifer Alicea and Albert Volak

College attending: The University of Akron

Future plans: I plan to work for NASA and help to conserve the environmen­t.

Costume: For my costume, I chose to wear a dress traditiona­lly worn for festivals or holidays such as Cinco de Mayo. The dress is usually worn to be danced in, and I chose it because of its vibrant colors and embellishm­ents. The dress, to me, is symbolic of the rich culture of celebratio­n, and so it is the perfect dress to wear as I celebrate my heritage boldly and with pride.

Favorite tradition: Every year around Christmas time, my family comes together to cook and reunite. Together, we make as many as 100 dozen tamales. It is important to me because it is a visual of passing down a tradition and teaches a lesson that hard work pays off, as well as teamwork and togetherne­ss.

Favorite dish: My favorite traditiona­l dish is the tamale. A tamale is made of seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough and steamed or baked in corn husks. I like this dish the most because it reminds me of my family and the times we spend making them every year.

I wanted to be a Princess because I wanted to take the time to explore my culture and my community. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed going to the festival. And as I enter my adult life, I want to take the opportunit­y to participat­e more in the community I adore so much.

 ??  ?? Sophia Volak
Sophia Volak

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