The Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)

How much could Trump accomplish with cooperatio­n?


The opinion page on Monday, June 10, contained three entries: a cartoon about tariffs that did not happen, why we should not fear foreign travel – well documented by statistics, and a story about a ship that was not hidden.

Two of the three were just an excuse to bash President Trump.

Apparently, some possibly well intentione­d, but certainly misguided person who works in the White House requested that the USS destroyer John S. McCain be hidden from sight when President Trump visited Japan.

There is no evidence that Trump knew about the request, nor was the ship hidden so why the kerfuffle?

Certainly, Establishm­ent McCain and anti-Establishm­ent Trump were adversarie­s.

They frequently took shots at one another with McCain getting in the last shot before he died by casting the deciding Senate vote against repeal of Obamacare — one of Trump’s campaign promises. And yup, Trump continues to complain about this.

Our Navy ignored the White House staffer’s misguided suggestion.

The USS McCain was not hidden. Neverthele­ss, Establishm­ent, Never Trumper Jonah Goldberg in his column derided Trump’s negotiatin­g skills, his religious faith, the chaos Trump causes, his crudeness, “people being insufficie­ntly Trumpy.” And finally, that “Trump’s feelings are all that matter” – nothing to do with a ship that was not hidden.

Trump continues to withstand the relentless attacks from the media and the Democrats in Congress all during the Mueller investigat­ion and now with the House subpoenas and hearings when they should be helping solve the crisis at our southern border and other needs of the American people. Some of us appreciate the low unemployme­nt, thriving economy, foreign policy progress, etc.

Just think how much more progress could be made with some cooperatio­n from Congress and some fair and balanced reporting on the part of the media.

Don Race New London

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