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A NEWER TES­TA­MENT Misan­thro­pol­ogy Un­leashed by Re­neau H. Re­neau

Why did ‘women and chil­dren first’ only ap­ply to first-class women and first-class chil­dren on the Ti­tanic? The first-class Prus­sian and the first-class Brit waltzed away to the lifeboats, while be­hind locked iron gates the third-class Kraut and the third-class Limey, with their third-class brats in tow, hap­lessly hokey­pok­ied to the bot­tom of the sea. And that’s what it’s all about. 9780972954914 • Pa­per, $12.95 9780972954952 • eBook, $4.49 198 pages • So­cial Satire Avail­able at Ama­zon.

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