The New Yorker

Sanctuary City


In this play by Martyna Majok—a New York Theatre Workshop production—B (Jasai ChaseOwens) is an undocument­ed immigrant who was brought to the United States as a child by his mother, who now, just as her son is about to finish high school, wants to return home and leave him in a hostile country. His best friend is G (Sharlene Cruz), who, thankfully, becomes naturalize­d during the course of the play but is always nursing a bruise because of violence at home. The pair shuffle through short, impression­istic scenes, showing how intricatel­y their griefs and worries grow. The constant temporal shifts require deft choreograp­hy and sharp transition­s, amply provided by the director, Rebecca Frecknall. The tight skin around the play holds because of Majok’s insistence on the primacy of friendship—complete with exacting specifics—and Cruz’s galvanizin­g ability to enact it in all its complexity.—V.C. (Reviewed in our issue of 10/11/21.) (; streaming Oct. 25-Nov. 21.)

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