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A bill in the Ohio House would re­quire driv­ers to move over for garbage trucks as they do for emer­gency ve­hi­cles. Read­ers on our Face­book page shared their thoughts on the pro­posal.

The News Herald (Willoughby, OH) - - Opinion -

Ab­so­lutely not, it would de­lay traf­fic. When they are do­ing a main road garbage pick up every­one would be pulled over all the time. If the trash col­lec­tor want to not be hin­dered or wor­ried about be­ing hit, do the job overnight.

— Randy Arotin

This law is ob­so­lete! In the old days, garbage truck driv­ers went down the mid­dle of neigh­bor­hood streets and other work­ers picked up from both sides of the street. Now, there is only one per­son driv­ing down the right side in the curb lane and re­mote-con­trol arms to pick up and dump pro­vided stan­dard garbage cans.

— Fran­cis Lamm

Fix the Painesville pot­holes and I will move over for ev­ery sin­gle ve­hi­cle, even a bike cy­cle rider and salute.

— James Clark

If you are work­ing on the right side of the truck, on the right side of the road, you’re safe. Those who choose to work on the left side of the truck must un­der­stand that is “the sui­cide”. Com­mon sense and child­hood teach­ings tell you not to walk out into traf­fic with­out look­ing.

— Bud Ramkey

How ridicu­lous. On a two lane road, cars pass them when they are stopped and on a multi lane, cars are go­ing to move to the other lane any­way to pass them. Oh wait, that’s what the bill is pur­pos­ing ppl do. See, prob­lem has been tak­ing care of it­self the whole time. So glad to read time and money has been wasted.

— Char­lene Su­lak

No! These are the kind of thing our law­mak­ers are wast­ing there time on ..... sad re­al­ity.

— Jim Bil­lie

Stop­ping like that sounds a bit ab­surd. How­ever, park­ing in the street dur­ing col­lec­tion times would be more rea­son­able to look into here. I have neigh­bors whom nearly al­ways park their cars in front of my curb lawn, leav­ing me no choice by to put my waste cans at the end of my drive­way. Granted, I don’t drive, so mov­ing the cans isn’t a prob­lem for me each week that morn­ing of col­lec­tion. When the Kim­ble driver pulls up to the home af­ter mine, he has to get out and drag that neigh­bor’s can out so it can be picked up by the ma­chine in­stalled on their truck. Af­ter emp­tied, the Kim­ble driv­ers of­ten leave the can on the street in front of the parked cars from those whom live across the street. The neigh­bor whom has their cans in the street usu­ally isn’t home for an­other 6 hours af­ter col­lec­tion time, and those parked in the road don’t do any­thing about the cans ei­ther.

— Michael Smith

That must be the cra­zi­est thing Ohioans have come up with yet. Who wants to let a garbage truck pass only to stop you at the next drive­way. That bill would cause more morn­ing back­ups than ten car pileup on the free­way.

— Eu­gene Easthon

Heck they don’t move over for tow truck what makes you think they will move over for them.

— Randy Karlovec Jr.

Glad to see the GOP con­tin­ues to show it is in fa­vor of small gov­ern­ment.

— Mike Stein

They should be mov­ing over for mail trucks not garbage trucks.

— Allen Man­ning

what’s next. the ex­ter­mi­na­tor? the gro­cery truck. mov­ing van???

— Shiela McDonough

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