Trust an un­known fu­ture to a God that we do know

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Has this been a year of un­cer­tainty? Does it feel as though your back is against the wall?

Per­haps, each day that goes by re­gard­less of all the work you’re do­ing noth­ing seems to be hap­pen­ing. Wor­ries mount. And you may be­gin to grow weary or im­pa­tient. For, it can be easy to get dis­cour­aged, neg­a­tive, and ac­cept that sit­u­a­tions will never work out. Then, in mo­ments of de­spair, you could won­der, “What is go­ing on?” and “How do I move for­ward in life when I can’t see my way on the road ahead?”

The an­swer is: go for­ward with faith. Trust an un­known fu­ture to a God that we do know. Hence, hold on: God hasn’t for­got­ten about you. His tim­ing is per­fect.

Once, I heard about a man who was de­pressed to the point that he felt life didn’t have a pur­pose any­more. “I was driv­ing around my town at night com­pletely and ut­terly hope­less,” he ex­plained.

Pray­ing, he asked God to show him the best path that He had set for him. Just then, the man was flip­ping through the ra­dio when a fa­mil­iar song played. He lis­tened to the words of the song and couldn’t be­lieve how closely the words matched how he felt. As the man pulled his car over to the side of the road, he be­gan to cry. He con­tin­ued to lis­ten to the song. It was like a re­as­sur­ing hug from God.

“Let me tell­demp­tion won, the strug­gle ended and God mended my heart. The song rose from the ashes of my bro­ken heart and all that was dead in­side was re­born and I am no longer worn.” There­after, that evening the man drove back home. With a re­newed sense of hope and pur­pose, he con­fi­dently de­clared with faith, “I don’t know what the fu­ture holds. But God knows, for He holds my fu­ture in His Hands.”

On the road of life, we will come across wind­ing paths of delays, im­ped­i­ments, and signs that read, “Road Closed.” Yet, if God can use a song to turn around this man’s thought process, He can cer­tainly help you in your cir­cum­stance.

What you’re fac­ing to­day is not per­ma­nent. Set­backs are not dead ends, but merely a de­tour to­ward your des­tined pur­pose. So with stead­fast faith, take the tri­als and the bumps in the road in stride, mov­ing boldly ahead. And refuse to be stopped by a chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion.

The best is still in front of you.

• Your dream may look im­pos­si­ble right now. Yet, if you keep walk­ing to­ward it, God will be right next to you, walk­ing with you to vic­tory.

• You might have been re­jected and pushed to the side. Still, if you per­sist through op­pos­ing forces, your de­ter­mi­na­tion will be re­warded.

• The goals of your heart may be tak­ing a long time to tran­spire. But, if God in­spired your as­pi­ra­tions, He will give you the strength to per­se­vere and will bless your ef­forts.

• Sit­u­a­tions might be dif­fi­cult. How­ever, you are ca­pa­ble of ris­ing above dis­ap­point­ments and stand­ing strong un­til the tide turns.

• Per­haps, you’ve got­ten side­tracked. Okay, but to­day you are one choice away from a new begin­ning.

You are very spe­cial. And you are loved. God wants to do some­thing ex­tra­or­di­nary in your life, big­ger than you can imag­ine. Thus, don’t give up now, set­tling for less than God’s best. Do not live be­low your po­ten­tial, tak­ing the easy way out, the con­ve­nient road of least re­sis­tance. Be de­ter­mined to live the best life that you can. When we set­tle for the “sta­tus quo,” we lose our mo­ti­va­tion, our pur­pose and joy. Plus, the ex­treme good we can do for oth­ers and the world around us can go un­met.

When I read about the life of Es­ther in the Bi­ble, I dis­cov­ered how God’s hand called her to ful­fill an im­por­tant role. Es­ther was a woman of deep faith and was placed in the po­si­tion to be queen. When she heard that a law could be passed to make it le­gal to kill all Is­raelites, Es­ther trusted that God would bring His peo­ple through the dif­fi­cul­ties they faced. Thus, boldly, she went for­ward by faith and asked the fa­vor of the King to spare her life and the lives of her peo­ple. The King granted her re­quest. And as a re­sult of Es­ther’s faith­ful­ness, courage and in­flu­ence, she saved an en­tire na­tion.

Thus, keep a strong con­nec­tion with God, “who di­rects you in the way you should go” (Isa­iah 48:17), “works all things to­gether for good” (Ro­mans 8:28), and will make, “The crooked roads straight, and the rough ways smooth” (Luke 3:5).

Bound­less re­sources of strength and depths of love lie within His word and when you be­lieve it, it be­comes a part of you. Re­mem­ber, “Ac­cord­ing to your faith, be it unto you” (Matthew 9:29). All things are pos­si­ble when you have faith. For true faith is to be­lieve in what you do not yet see and the re­ward of hav­ing great faith is to see in tan­gi­ble form that in which you so strongly be­lieved.

I like writer and Minister Oswald Cham­ber’s de­scrip­tion of faith when he wrote, “Faith never knows where it is be­ing led, but it knows and loves the One who is lead­ing.”

Stand strong and live in an at­ti­tude of trust, faith and ex­pectancy. Faith is not pre­tend­ing our problems don’t ex­ist, nor is it blind op­ti­mism. It points us be­yond our tribu­la­tions to the hope we have in God’s good­ness and mercy.

Some time ago, I re­ceived a lovely let­ter from a gen­tle­man who wrote, “For al­most 50 years now, I have walked with the Lord. It’s been great, a great life.

Nat­u­rally, there have been moun­tain­tops and val­leys, but one thing I am sure of is that God has a call­ing on each of our lives. And God’s plans for those who love Him are be­yond what the eye has seen, ear has heard, or mind has con­ceived.”

God works in the lives of or­di­nary peo­ple like you and me. All of a sud­den, things will turn in your fa­vor. You’ll feel bet­ter. A need will be met. And past stum­bling blocks will be­come step­ping stones to your heart’s de­sire.

Live life with honor and in­tegrity and al­ways be on the look­out for peo­ple that you can help. Keep go­ing for­ward by faith; see your­self ac­com­plish­ing your dreams, for suc­cess can be be­hind the next bend in the road.

A New You

Catherine Galasso Vig­orito

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