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Q: Can you tell me about the surgery to re­move saggy skin around my old eyes?

A: Eye­lid surgery, or ble­pharo­plasty, is a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure to im­prove the ap­pear­ance of the up­per and/or lower eye­lids, with last­ing re­sults. It may also cor­rect func­tional eye­lid prob­lems, such as im­paired vi­sion, which may al­low in­sur­ance cov­er­age to ap­ply. Oth­er­wise, it is con­sid­ered cos­metic surgery. A ble­pharo­plasty can re­move or lessen: bags un­der your eyes, loose or sag­ging skin that cre­ates folds or dis­turbs the nat­u­ral con­tour of the up­per eye­lid, fatty de­posits that you may think of as “puffi­ness,” droop­ing lower eye­lids that re­veal white be­low the iris, and ex­cess skin and fine wrin­kles of your lower eye­lid. After a con­sul­ta­tion on your spe­cific needs and goals, your pro­ce­dure is usu­ally per­formed un­der gen­eral anes­the­sia. All in­ci­sion lines are de­signed so min­i­mal re­sul­tant scars will be well con­cealed within the nat­u­ral struc­tures of the eye­lid. The up­per eye­lid can be cor­rected through an in­ci­sion within the nat­u­ral crease on the eye­lid, which al­lows for re­moval or repo­si­tion­ing of fat de­posits, tight­en­ing of mus­cles and re­moval of ex­cess skin. Lower eye­lid con­di­tions may be cor­rected with an in­ci­sion just be­low the lower lash line to re­move ex­cess skin, and re­po­si­tion or re­move ex­cess fat.

Eye­lid in­ci­sions typ­i­cally are closed with a sub­cu­tic­u­lar su­ture, which is re­moved in about a week. While there usu­ally is lit­tle pain in­volved, there can be swelling or bruis­ing, so I usu­ally use a laser to re­duce the bruis­ing after the pro­ce­dure. Most pa­tients re­turn to their jobs in 3-10 days. A beau­ti­ful new you will ap­pear grad­u­ally as swelling and bruis­ing sub­side to re­veal a smooth, bet­ter-de­fined eye­lid and sur­round­ing re­gion, and a more alert and re­ju­ve­nated ap­pear­ance.

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