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I have a 10-year-old grand­daugh­ter who cares deeply for tigers and all an­i­mals. She has an opin­ion with in­for­ma­tion she would like every­one to be aware of. Here is her let­ter:

Tigers have al­ways been known in fairy tales and books and stuff, but what about in real life? Ever seen one? Well, if their homes keep get­ting torn down you won’t. There’s this thing called palm oil that’s be­ing put in our food, makeup, lo­tion, even nail pol­ish! Palm oil is made by the palm nut trees found in jun­gles. We hu­mans make the palm oil from the nuts, and it af­fects the jun­gle that we tore down. Yep that’s right, WE tore them down.

The good thing is, not all palm oil is bad. There’s this palm oil called sus­tain­ably sourced palm oil. It’s reg­u­lar palm oil grown in a place where they have only torn down one jun­gle or for­est or found an empty land space, and planted there.

If you look at the in­gre­di­ents in your food or body care sup­plies, you can see if it has palm oil in it. If it says sus­tain­able palm oil, then it prob­a­bly doesn’t come from jun­gles, or more than one jun­gle. You can also look up the brand of the prod­uct you want to buy, and see if that brand or item, uses, or has palm oil. It’s smart when you look be­fore you buy, es­pe­cially when it comes to liv­ing things! – Lynne Bren­nan Siler City

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