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Dear Mr. Wolff: If the op­po­nents in­ter­vene over our no-trump, what would you rec­om­mend I play to de­scribe my hand? Is Stolen Bid an ap­proved gad­get?

An­swer: Both opener and his part­ner must be able to bid all the suits ef iciently. (The trans­fer el­e­ment is less vi­tal.) Each player should be able to dou­ble with short­age since that is the hand you are most likely to want to com­pete on. Re­spon­der can play trans­fers and Stay­man over an arti icial dou­ble or a call of two clubs — with dou­ble act­ing as Stay­man. After higher in­ter­ven­tion, new suits should be nat­u­ral at the two-level and forc­ing at the three-level. The mean­ing of a two-no-trump call as Leben­sohl is dis­cussed at Leben­sohl.

Dear Mr. Wolff: In sec­ond seat, I had SPADES A Q 7 2, HEARTS

K 4, DI­A­MONDS K Q J 9 5, CLUBS Q 4, and opened one di­a­mond. The next hand over­called two hearts, my part­ner dou­bled, and the next player jumped to four hearts pre­emp­tive. I had planned to jump to four spades and wasn’t sure if that call would suf ice here — or what slam try to make.

An­swer: If your right-hand op­po­nent had let you jump to four spades, you would prob­a­bly have made that call. As it is, you cer­tainly want to make a slam try; but does a jump to ive spades ask for a heart con­trol? Does four no-trump sug­gest the mi­nors here rather than be­ing key-card? I’ll set­tle for bid­ding four spades and hope part­ner can do more with real ex­tras.

Dear Mr. Wolff: My part­ner and I have been ar­gu­ing about whether there is any sort of hand that would pass in irst or sec­ond chair and then back into the op­po­nent’s auc­tion with a pre-empt. Is such a thing pos­si­ble?

An­swer: There must be hands with the shape for a pre-empt but not the right honor lo­ca­tion, where you might pass ini­tially but de­cide to pre-empt later. Sim­i­larly, you may have a hand with too much de­fense or with a sidesuit. When vul­ner­a­ble, you might also not have a good enough suit to act on ini­tially. When­ever your part­ner bids, though, jumps by a passed hand in a new suit will not be a sin­gle-suited pre-empt but should show it for your part­ner.

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