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Like many, I have been con­cerned for the safety of users of elec­tric scoot­ers on our streets and for both users and pedes­tri­ans on our side­walks. I thought it good pol­icy for the City Coun­cil to es­tab­lish some poli­cies to make them more safe. I was stunned to note that the only thing it did was charge a $300 fee for each scooter. This does noth­ing to in­crease safety, but sig­nif­i­cantly in­creases the cost for those who use them, many of whom use them be­cause they do not have a car.

What is the point of the fee other than mak­ing scooter use more ex­pen- sive and thus pu­n­ish­ing those who can­not af­ford a car? Imag­ine the up­roar if the Coun­cil im­posed a $300 fee on ev­ery car in Raleigh. Scooter users, be­cause they are few, of­ten low in­come and rel­a­tively pow­er­less, are hav­ing their lives made a lit­tle hard for no ap­par­ent pur­pose. Bob Fitzger­ald Raleigh

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