God searches our hearts, weighs our spir­i­tual lives

The News-Times - - ADVICE/GAMES - From the writ­ings of the Rev. Billy Gra­ham

Dear Dr. Gra­ham: I love God and try to do good things in my life. I stay cur­rent with the news and try to re­spond to peo­ple’s needs. My friend told me that God does not look at what we do but who we re­ally are. Is that true? H.W.

Dear H.W.: There are many peo­ple who spend their lives do­ing good deeds. This, in fact, was the story of a young man in Scrip­ture of­ten re­ferred to as the Rich Young Ruler. He wanted to have as­sur­ance that he would go to Heaven some­day and have eter­nal life, so he worked very hard to meet a spir­i­tual cri­te­ria as he be­lieved it. Many peo­ple to­day work hard to sat­isfy this self-in­flicted ex­pec­ta­tion while for­get­ting the rea­son be­hind “do­ing good.”

Many be­lieve they serve God but they ac­tu­ally have lit­tle time for him. There is no time for God and their hearts are a long way from him.

The Bible says that the lord searches the heart. “I, the lord, search the heart” ( Jeremiah 17:10). Scrip­tures tell us that God pon­ders the heart of ev­ery per­son. “Ev­ery way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the lord pon­ders the hearts (Proverbs 21:2).

You can ra­tio­nal­ize that the way you’re liv­ing and the way you’re do­ing it is all right. But the Bible says God doesn’t take your eval­u­a­tion and your judg­ment. He weighs our spir­i­tual lives. He also does a won­der­ful thing; he prom­ises to give us a new heart if we will sub­mit to him and re­ceive his sal­va­tion.

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