2020 vi­sion and a bless­ing in dis­guise

The News-Times - - OPINION - By Paul Adi­nolfi Paul Adi­nolfi is a res­i­dent of Sandy Hook.

We don’t need a Mueller Re­port that is not redacted, or redacted — we al­ready have a life­time knowl­edge of the most un­qual­i­fied, un­pres­i­den­tial pres­i­dent ever. He has made us miss Bush W. and Nixon.

It’s amaz­ing and al­most un­fath­omable that any­one is con­sid­er­ing Trump for 2020. It ap­pears they don’t have 2020 vi­sion, and have lost sight of the fact he is:

⏩ A con­firmed fraud who paid $25 mil­lion to set­tle a law­suit for scam­ming more than a thou­sand Amer­i­cans — and is now fac­ing over a dozen crim­i­nal in­ves­ti­ga­tions.

⏩ Has not re­leased his taxes (which could prove he has noth­ing to hide).

⏩ A con­firmed adul­terer who lies and makes false­hoods from morn­ing ’til night.

⏩ Who not only promised ev­ery­one health care, but in­stead tries to take it away from those who have it.

⏩ Who told us he would clear the swamp in Washington, but in­stead fills it with en­vi­ron­men­tally un­friendly crea­tures.

⏩ He dis­par­ages and den­i­grates our press, and our De­part­ments of Jus­tice, F.B.I., and C.I.A. and a wounded pris­oner-of-war hero, and hurt and in­sulted his fam­ily, and be­lit­tled Gold Star par­ents — this from a man who avoided the Viet­nam War.

He demon­strates we either have a Dumb Don­ald or a De­ranged Don­ald as our pres­i­dent.

The only rea­son we still have this abom­inable po­lit­i­cal anom­aly in the White House is be­cause of the GOP and its lead­ers in Washington — they know Dan­ger­ous Don­ald bet­ter than we do and are keep­ing their heads in the sand.

How­ever, some­times when bad things hap­pen — good things hap­pen. Trump could be a bless­ing in dis­guise for Amer­ica.

He un­wit­tingly and in­di­rectly has ex­posed the GOP in Washington for who they re­ally rep­re­sent and stand for, and the faults and flaws in our gov­ern­ment branches that af­fect our democ­racy, from our pres­i­den­tial, and con­gres­sional, to our ju­di­cial sys­tems.

He has shown us again (as Nixon did) the tur­moil in our sys­tem of a pres­i­dent con­trol­ling our de­part­ments of Jus­tice and F.B.I. causes, and needs re­form­ing.

The Re­pub­li­cans, the party of Lin­coln, turned their backs on him and wel­comed the racist Dix­ie­crat seg­re­ga­tion­ist into the GOP in order to gain votes. While Trump didn’t ini­ti­ate racism in the GOP, he ex­posed it.

The GOP has used racism and white dom­i­nance to gain power, and cre­ated an at­mos­phere that al­lowed Don­ald Trump, even though he was a “Damn Yan­kee” from New York, to be­come their “Great White Hope.” The fact that he was the undis­puted leader of the racist Birther So­ci­ety pro­pelled him to beat out more than a dozen po­lit­i­cally ex­pe­ri­enced Repub­li­can nom­i­nees.

Racism is why he had, and still has sup­port­ers — not be­cause he was go­ing to “clean out the swamp” in Washington, as the GOP would pre­fer you to be­lieve.

Trump with the as­sis­tance of Mitch McCon­nell has helped ex­pose the flaws in our Supreme Court and ap­pointed two bi­ased pro-Repub­li­can, pro-cor­po­ra­tion Supreme Court judges.

There should be no doubt the GOP is in­flu­enced by OnePer­centers, and their Gun Lobby. We in Sandy Hook had a front row seat when Congress did not pass an in­nocu­ous Gun Back­ground Check bill — even though 90 per­cent of our coun­try wanted it.

The GOP is con­cerned in con­trol­ling the Supreme Court, to pro­tect their OnePer­centers’ cor­po­ra­tions.

If we check the re­sults of “Repub­li­can” jus­tices’ rul­ings, we will find that they prac­ti­cally al­ways rule in fa­vor of cor­po­ra­tions.

Prob­a­bly the only way to end this prob­lem is to have equal num­ber of jus­tices ap­pointed from both par­ties.

Hav­ing 10 jus­tices in 2021 and ap­point­ing a “King Solomon” judge, such as Mer­rick Gar­land, would solve all these prob­lems.

Let us not for­get it was a Repub­li­can­bi­ased Supreme Court, and our un­demo­cratic Elec­toral Col­lege sys­tem, that gave us Bush and Cheney, two never-end­ing wars, and the Great Re­ces­sion that would have been the Great De­pres­sion Two if we didn’t have The Democrats’ so­cial­ist pro­grams: So­cial Se­cu­rity, Medi­care and Un­em­ploy­ment In­sur­ance!

It is hard to imag­ine that Amer­ica and the world wouldn’t be a bet­ter place to live in to­day if Al Gore had been elected, and there had not been a Bush, or Trump. We would be still in the Paris Ac­cord and mak­ing ad­vances to pre­vent fur­ther global warm­ing — and have more na­tional gun safety laws.

Spe­cial Coun­sel Mueller’s in­ves­ti­ga­tion was just one step be­fore the N.Y. courts take Don­ald Trump out of Washington, D.C. and send him back to N.Y.C.

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