McDon­ald’s, 5 other kitchens fail April health in­spec­tions

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DANBURY — Six kitchens failed health depart­ment in­spec­tions in April, in­clud­ing McDon­ald’s on New­town Road.

They were open on Thurs­day af­ter pass­ing re-in­spec­tions.

Five of the six kitchens failed be­cause of a se­ri­ous vi­o­la­tion in­volv­ing im­proper hand­wash­ing, a food tem­per­a­ture vi­o­la­tion or a food con­tainer that was com­pro­mised.

The other kitchen failed be­cause it ac­cu­mu­lated too many de­mer­its.

The fail­ing kitchens were Dutchess of Danbury on Mill Plain Road, Grand Cen­tury Buf­fet on Pada­naram Road, La Mex­i­cana Bak­ery on White Street, Lou’s Ev­ery­thing Store and Sal­vage on Lib­erty Street, McDon­ald’s on New­town Road and Widow Brown’s Café on Federal Road, ac­cord­ing to records posted this week on Danbury’s mu­nic­i­pal web­site.

A man­ager of Widow Brown’s said the res­tau­rant failed be­cause an in­spec­tor watched a cook touch a piece of toast and then pick up a piece of let­tuce with­out wash­ing his hands first.

“Hon­estly, I don’t think it should have been a vi­o­la­tion,” said J.T. Wil­son, man­ager of Widow Brown’s, who said he was there dur­ing the in­spec­tion. “But we have to abide by what the in­spec­tor says.”

Health in­spec­tors check kitchens for 60 cat­e­gories of clean­li­ness and safety, rang­ing from em­ployee hy­giene to safe food stor­age. A kitchen does not need a per­fect score to pass in­spec­tion, but it must earn at least 80 points on a 100-point scale.

That means a kitchen can­not af­ford to rack up too many mi­nor de­mer­its for vi­o­la­tions such as im­prop­erly thawed food, the pres­ence of ver­min, or the im­proper dis­posal of waste wa­ter.

A kitchen with a pass­ing score can still fail its health in­spec­tion if it is cited for a se­ri­ous four­point de­merit — such as a food tem­per­a­ture vi­o­la­tion or in­ad­e­quate hand-wash­ing.

A se­ri­ous vi­o­la­tion car­ries a $250 fine and requires the kitchen to cor­rect the vi­o­la­tion in

24 hours or be closed.

In some cases, kitchens fail be­cause of a se­ri­ous vi­o­la­tion and a fail­ing score.

That hap­pened in April at Dutchess of Danbury, which failed for a hand-wash­ing vi­o­la­tion and with a low score of 71. It also hap­pened at Grand Cen­tury Buf­fet, which failed for a food tem­per­a­ture vi­o­la­tion and a low score of 69.

Ef­forts to reach a man­ager at Dutchess on Thurs­day were not suc­cess­ful.

At Grand Cen­tury Buf­fet, co-man­ager Ju Xie said the tem­per­a­ture vi­o­la­tion had been fixed and “ev­ery­thing” in the res­tau­rant had been cleaned.

McDon­ald’s failed for a hand-wash­ing vi­o­la­tion. A man­ager was not avail­able on Thurs­day to com­ment.

La Mex­i­cana failed due a low score of 74. Its

19 vi­o­la­tions in­cluded fail­ure to protect the kitchen against ro­dents and in­sects. A man­ager was not im­me­di­ately avail­able to com­ment.

Lou’s Ev­ery­thing Store and Sal­vage failed be­cause of a se­ri­ous vi­o­la­tion of a com­pro­mised food con­tainer. An em­ployee said the vi­o­la­tion had been cor­rected.

“We fixed it and passed our (re-) in­spec­tion,” said em­ployee Margo Rosario.

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McDon­ald’s on New­town Road in Danbury was one of six kitchens that failed the city’s health depart­ment in­spec­tion in April.

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