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Basketball Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson is 83. Country singer Johnny Carver is 81. Former NFL Commission­er Paul Tagliabue is 81. Rock drummer Pete Best is 80. Actorcomed­ian Billy Connolly is 79.Singer Lee Michaels is 76. Actor Dwight Schultz is 74. Actor Stanley Livingston is 71. Rock musician Clem Burke is 67. Actor/director Ruben Santiago-Hudson is 65. Actor Denise Crosby is 64. Actor Shae D’Lyn is 59. Rock musician John Squire is 59. Rock musician Gary Stonadge is 59. Actor Conleth Hill is 57. Actor-comedian Brad Sherwood is 57. Actor Garret Dillahunt is 57. Actor-comedian Scott Krinsky is 53. Rock musician Chad Taylor is 51. Actor Lola Glaudini is 50. Actor Danielle Nicolet is 48. Actor-writer-directorpr­oducer Stephen Merchant is 47. Actor Colin Hanks is 44. Actor Katherine Heigl is 43. Actor Sarah Hyland is 31.

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