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Prosecutor: N.Y. man convicted in 2018 Danbury stabbing, robbery

- By Tara O’Neill

DANBURY — A New York man faces up to 70 years in prison after a jury convicted him this week on assault and attempted robbery offenses, stemming from a 2018 incident, officials said.

Stephen J. Sedensky III, Danbury State’s Attorney, announced

Friday that a jury found 29-yearold Rodney D. Harvey, of Bronx, N.Y., guilty of attempted firstdegre­e robbery, accessory to first-degree assault, accessory to second-degree assault, seconddegr­ee assault, conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery and first-degree assault.

The charges stemmed from a

Danbury attempted robbery on May 28, 2018.

The evidence presented during the six-day trial, which ended in the guilty verdict on Wednesday, indicated that Harvey and two others went into a Danbury home and stabbed two victims multiple times while trying to steal drugs, Sedensky said. The three individual­s then fled the home.

Danbury police later identified and arrested Harvey and his accomplice­s.

Harvey faces up to 70 years in prison on the charges. He is scheduled to be sentenced in early 2022.

In November, co-defendant

Collin Hedley pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, attempted first-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery. He faces 10 years in prison when sentenced next year.

The third co-defendant, Diego Trejo, died in a car crash while his criminal case was still pending.

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