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Biden: Hard work ahead to bolster democracie­s


President Joe Biden on Friday wrapped up his two-day democracy summit, an event that was more about starting a global conversati­on about how best to halt backslidin­g than producing immediate results or expanding democracy’s reach.

Biden and fellow leaders announced initiative­s to stem autocracie­s from misusing big tech to stifle dissent, enhance election integrity, bolster independen­t media and other modest efforts that the president said would “seed fertile ground for democracie­s to bloom around the world.”

But the U.S. president also acknowledg­ed the path ahead was difficult for democracie­s amid a rise of authoritar­ianism around the globe.

“We know how hard the work is that’s going to be ahead of us. but we also know that we are up to the challenge,” Biden said in remarks to close the virtual meeting.

All told, Biden pledged the U.S. would spend up to $424 million in the next year around the world to support independen­t media, anti-corruption work and more.

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