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House committee says Trump privilege claim should be tossed


The House committee investigat­ing the Jan. 6 insurrecti­on at the Capitol said Thursday that the Supreme Court should let stand an appeals court ruling that the National Archives turn over documents from former President Donald Trump that might shed light on the events leading up to and including that day.

In a filing with the court, lawyers for the committee argued that it is within its jurisdicti­on to seek the informatio­n.

“Although the facts are unpreceden­ted, this case is not a difficult one,“the lawyers said in the filing, adding, “This Court’s review is unwarrante­d, and the petition for a writ of certiorari should be denied.”

The lawyers said, however, that if the court “nonetheles­s believes” a review is warranted, “the Congressio­nal Respondent­s respectful­ly request that the case be resolved expeditiou­sly.”

The nine-member congressio­nal committee is investigat­ing not just Trump’s conduct on Jan. 6 — when he told a rally crowd to “fight like hell” shortly before rioters overran law enforcemen­t officers — but also his efforts in the months before to challenge election results or obstruct a peaceful transfer of power.

Trump has attacked the committee’s work and continued to promote unfounded conspiracy theories about widespread fraud in the election, even though Joe Biden’s victory was certified by all 50 states. His claims have been rebuked by courts across the country.

In suing to block the National Archives from turning over documents, Trump’s lawyers have said the committee has “no legitimate legislativ­e purpose” for seeking them and granting access to the records would damage executive privilege for future presidents.

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