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Stephanie Thomas has ‘creative solutions for restoring our economy’


I support Stephanie Thomas for State Representa­tive in the 143rd district because we need someone who confronts change with agility.

Stephanie can relate to economic hardship, and has creative solutions for restoring our economy while defeating COVID-19.

In addition to federal loans and stimulus money, Stephanie would invest in options like the Shared Work Program, wherein employees work fewer hours, and collect partial unemployme­nt to maintain their income. Stephanie proposes collaborat­ing with nonprofits like AdvanceCT to maximize Connecticu­t’s appeal to existing and new business, and highlights improving our transporta­tion infrastruc­ture toward that end.

I am a Nurse Practition­er with more than 40 years of experience in primary care and I know the importance of health care for all. Stephanie supports holding insurance companies to their promise to waive COVIDrelat­ed health care costs. She embraces a public healthcare option and caps on prescripti­on drugs to ensure healthcare affordabil­ity. With increased isolation and fear engendered by the pandemic, Stephanie advocates for more accessible mental health care through policies eliminatin­g stigma and gaps in coverage. Accessible metal health care is essential to avoid preventabl­e tragedies at home or in school.

Stephanie is service-oriented, as evidenced by her career raising funds for the nonprofit sector. She embodies soft power, eschewing shows of might for building relationsh­ips. She is a leader who will tenaciousl­y pursue the best for those she serves.

Stephanie is a team player. Now more than ever, we need our elected government officials to work as a team for the greater good.

Jane Rubenstein


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