CBD Plus USA set­ting stan­dards for la­bel­ing ahead of reg­u­la­tion

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The le­gal­iza­tion of CBD for med­i­cal use is trans­form­ing the way con­di­tions such as chronic pain, anx­i­ety and sleep dis­or­ders are man­aged. Even more ex­cit­ing are the on­go­ing stud­ies that are re­veal­ing the ef­fects of CBD on more se­ri­ous dis­eases in­clud­ing types of can­cers.

CBD, short for cannabid­iol, is a nat­u­ral chem­i­cal com­pound de­rived from the hemp plant. It’s one of 85 cannabi­noids found in hemp. Un­like fel­low cannabi­noid tetrahy­dro­cannabi­nol (THC), it does not pro­duce any feel­ings of in­tox­i­ca­tion or eu­pho­ria. Sim­ply, it doesn’t get you high.

De­spite le­gal steps for­ward, gray ar­eas still ex­ist — par­tic­u­larly in la­bel­ing re­quire­ments on CBD-con­tain­ing prod­ucts. Cur­rently, there are no fed­eral reg­u­la­tions that set stan­dards for prod­uct la­bel­ing and con­sis­tency. While some CBD pro­duc­ers are tak­ing ad­van­tage of the lack of reg­u­la­tions to cut corners, Ok­la­homa-based CBD Plus USA im­ple­ments eth­i­cal test­ing and la­bel­ing pro­cesses. This em­pha­sis on ac­cu­racy en­sures that CBD Plus USA pro­vides the best pos­si­ble prod­uct.

“We pri­or­i­tize test­ing and la­bel­ing in our man­u­fac­tur­ing process be­cause we want our cus­tomers to know ex­actly what they’re get­ting,” vice pres­i­dent of CBD Plus USA Jake Chilcoat said. “That isn’t a guar­an­tee with other com­pa­nies.”

Why la­bel­ing mat­ters

The Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion has yet to re­lease firm la­bel­ing guide­lines for CBD de­spite its be­ing safe for med­i­cal use. Cer­tain states, like In­di­ana, have re­quire­ments in place that mon­i­tor al­low­able traces of THC in CBD prod­ucts, but a na­tion­wide la­bel­ing stan­dard doesn’t ex­ist. This lack of struc­ture means prod­ucts can have in­con­sis­tent lev­els of ac­tive CBD or mis­lead­ing la­bels.

CBD Plus USA isn’t wait­ing for a fed­eral rul­ing to make them do the right thing. The busi­ness uses eth­i­cal meth­ods in ev­ery part of their process.

“La­bels should be cre­ated to re­flect test re­sults,” Chilcoat ex­plained. “For ex­am­ple, some CBD busi­nesses will sell a 1,000-mil­ligram bot­tle of CBD that says 30 per­cent ac­tive. That is con­fus­ing for the con­sumer. Why not just la­bel it as 300 mil­ligrams? It’s not fair for the cus­tomers to pay for 1000 mil­ligrams only to get 300 mil­ligrams.”

CBD Plus USA avoids mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion by test­ing prod­ucts for the level of ac­tive CBD in each batch. The prod­uct la­bels will list the amount of CBD cus­tomers are get­ting in the prod­uct. With test­ing, some vari­ance can oc­cur, mean­ing there could be slightly more or less CBD in the prod­uct than listed. All CBD Plus USA prod­ucts have an av­er­age of 5 per­cent vari­ance in la­bel­ing, mak­ing it one of the most ac­cu­rate CBD op­tions avail­able.

“We’ve got some of the only con­sis­tent prod­ucts on the mar­ket. We pur­chase large hemp crops at one time and we only buy from two farms,” said Chilcoat.

He ex­plained that pur­chas­ing large crops from the same two trusted farms en­sures that the hemp plants used in man­u­fac­tur­ing are sim­i­lar in CBD lev­els.

“All of this helps us con­trol the qual­ity of our prod­ucts.”

For those new to CBD use, CBD Plus USA not only pro­vides the best prod­ucts, but also ex­per­tise and guid­ance.

“Our em­ploy­ees are well-trained in pre­sent­ing in­for­ma­tion to cus­tomers,” Chilcoat said. “Ed­u­cat­ing our com­mu­nity about CBD is a huge part of our busi­ness.”

Just like any other med­i­ca­tion taken orally, peo­ple should know the rec­om­mended amount of CBD to con­sume based on their age or size and what other in­gre­di­ents are present in the item. CBD Plus USA em­ploy­ees know the prod­ucts and can make the right rec­om­men­da­tion based on cus­tomer needs and pref­er­ences.

Cus­tomers can pur­chase CBD in the form of oil drops, chew­able gum­mies or even top­i­cal lo­tions. Oil drops can be placed un­der the tongue or in­fused into food items like olive oil, fruit smooth­ies and cof­fee. With the right ex­per­tise, cus­tomers can find a prod­uct that’s per­fect for them.

CBD helps peo­ple man­age pain and live their lives to the fullest. Chilcoat rec­og­nizes the po­ten­tial of the in­dus­try and the good that CBD does. He and his team want to cre­ate and sell prod­ucts the right way.

“We wanted to be in this busi­ness be­cause we knew oth­ers would start sell­ing to solely earn profit and take ad­van­tage of peo­ple. We cre­ate great prod­ucts and la­bel ac­cu­rately be­cause we’re pas­sion­ate about what we do, and we think it’s the right thing to do for the cus­tomer.”

For more in­for­ma­tion about CBD Plus USA and CBD prod­ucts, or to find your near­est store lo­ca­tion, visit www.cb­d­plususa.com or call 1-833422-3758.

This ar­ti­cle is spon­sored by CBD Plus USA.

CBD Plus USA has high stan­dards for prod­uct test­ing and la­bel­ing.

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