For the first time ever, the an­nual In­ter­na­tional Bridge Press As­so­ci­a­tion award win­ners re­ceived big bucks -- or, more ac­cu­rately, big yuans. The Chi­nese com­pany Hainan not only paid good prize money, but the play­ers and jour­nal­ists also went -- all ex­penses paid -- to com­pete in the Hainan Bridge Fes­ti­val at the Man­grove Tree Re­sort World in Sanya last Oc­to­ber. There were four prizes of 50,000 yuans (nearly $7,300) and one (for the ju­nior win­ner) of 25,000 yuans, with 30 per­cent of each amount go­ing to the re­port­ing jour­nal­ist. The awards cer­e­mony was broad­cast live on tele­vi­sion. This week, let’s look at some of the deals that did not get enough votes from the IBPA jury. This one was de­clared by Jan Hugo Lie and de­scribed by Knut Kjaern­srod, both from Nor­way. In four spades, Lie won with his di­a­mond ace and led a heart. West took the trick and re­turned his sec­ond heart. De­clarer played a spade to his jack, which held, cashed his spade ace (get­ting the bad news) and con­tin­ued with an­other spade. West won (the sec­ond de­fen­sive trick) and had to lead from his spade nine and all six clubs. What should he have done? West should have led a low club. De­clarer could not have taken the trick, drawn the last trump and cashed dummy’s hearts for di­a­mond dis­cards. How­ever, West ex­ited with his trump. What hap­pened then? Lie found a great re­source -- he let West take the trick! Now West had to play a club, al­low­ing de­clarer into the dummy with the club queen and giv­ing ac­cess to those three top hearts.

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